gmc Now Available to All DISH Network Subscribers!

By gmc_editor
Posted: Thu, 08/18/2011 - 08:32

album promo image for gmc Now Available to All DISH Network Subscribers!

Dear Friends of gmc,

I am thrilled to announce that gmc is now available on DISH Network channel 188! Right now, all DISH subscribers have immediate access to the uplifting entertainment that fans have been requesting.

This weekend, gmc will feature very special programming for you and your family to enjoy! Our Friday Night Family Movie, the gmc Original Trinity Goodheart, is the recipient of 5 out of 5 Doves from The Dove Foundation and is awarded the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for All Ages. Trinity Goodheart was recently featured in Parents Television Council's
"TV Picks."

Please see below for more uplifting entertainment on gmc that you'll now be able to enjoy on DISH:

Dramas and Comedies (all times Eastern):
-The new hit family drama, Heartland, Thursdays at 8, 9 & 10 pm, with season 2 premiering October 6 at 9 pm
-The Waltons (Monday—Wednesday 6–9 pm & Thursdays 6–8 pm; Friday marathons begin at noon)
-Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (Monday—Thursday 5 pm; "Sully-thon" Marathon begins Sunday at 1 pm)
-Sister Sister (Saturdays 9 am–2 pm)
-Judging Amy (Tuesdays 9 & 10 pm)
-Amen (Monday—Thursday 12 am–1 am & Saturdays 5–7 pm)
-Sue Thomas, F.B. Eye (Monday—Thursday 4 pm)
-227 (Monday—Thursday 11 pm–12 am & Saturdays 2–5 pm)

gmc World Premiere Original Movies (all times Eastern):

Trinity Goodheart. Twelve-year-old Trinity is visited by an Angel that takes her on a journey to find her long-lost mother. Starring Eric Benét & Erica Gluck.
A Mile In His Shoes, Premieres Sunday, September 25 at 7 pm. A heartwarming story of Mickey Tussler, a sheltered farm boy with Asperger’s syndrome who has a profound effect on his manager and his team over the course of a season. Starring Dean Cain & Luke Schroder.
Decision, Premieres Sunday, October 16 at 7 pm. Ilene Connors and her son Jackson are struggling to get by both emotionally and financially after the death of her husband Steve. Starring Christian music artist Natalie Grant.
The 5th Quarter, Premieres Sunday, November 13 at 7 pm. The true story of Jon Abbate who, driven by the tragic and fatal crash that took his brother Luke’s life, wears Luke’s number 5 jersey and helps lead the Wake Forest Demon Deacons to the most successful season in school history. Starring Andie MacDowell & Aidan Quinn.

We also bring you uplifting music in the mornings and so much more! For a complete schedule, visit

I want to personally thank the thousands who reached out to DISH requesting to have gmc added to your channel lineup. Your response has made a tremendous impact, and I can't thank you enough for your continued support! You have truly made a difference, bringing uplifting programming that reflects the faith and family values you cherish to millions of new viewers. Be sure to tell all your friends and family who may have DISH Network that gmc is now available to them on channel 188.


Charles Humbard
President and CEO

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I was really sad when we turned on the tv to watch Dr.Quinn my girls were very sad (5yrs,8yrs,& 10yrs). Dish & GMC need to work together to make it a regular package. How can we make that possible?

Posted: 10 weeks 6 days ago
60'sgal's picture

Also i changed from Comcast to DishNet work because i couldn't get currentTV on comcast. I hope they keep Keith Olbermann on Dish. I know not everyone likes Keith, but hey , Not everyone likes bill O'reilly either. I think we need more media other than cnn, msnbc, and Fox. most of our news is owned by corporations. I am one that likes all voices, all points of view. The three cable media's are one sided , one way or another. Hope i will not be disappointed with DishNet work. Time will tell.

Posted: 15 weeks 4 days ago
Nanc S.'s picture

I am so disgusted with DISH NETWORK! I sent the following email:

I think it is absolutely unfair that just because you resolved your issues with INSP network, that you are now only offering GMC on the top package! I feel, as I know multitudes do, that you should leave GMC offering on your Top 120 package, just to compensate for all the INCONVENIENCE and FRUSTRATION you have caused your subscribers!! (It really should be part of the Family package)! I am so sick and tired of you people changing things! I never had these issues with Direct TV! They have offered to buy out our contract with you, and I am seriously going to discuss this with my husband. We sure wish in this household, that we hadn't made that mistake!

Posted: 16 weeks 2 days ago

I am also considering going back to Directv. Finally there is something on tv worth watching but of course I'll have to pay top dollar for it. I got the Family Pack for a reason (to watch family friendly shows) so why wouldn't this be part of the Family Pack. If GMC is taken away I will definitely go back to DiercTV!!!!

Posted: 13 weeks 3 days ago
Nanc S.'s picture

Better be careful to be SURE and read the fine print in the contract! I HATE DISH NETWORK! I know that Direct TV may be more expensive, but with them at least you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!

Posted: 16 weeks 2 days ago

What package do I need to have GMC after the preview months in my programming?

Posted: 17 weeks 1 day ago

This is AWESOME! I have been requesting this channel to be added ever since I switched from cable and was disappointed it was not in the line up. I just wish dish had told me sooner. I just was surfing the guide and accidently saw it. I hope and pray we get to keep it.

Posted: 17 weeks 4 days ago

Please Dish find a way to compromise so that your customers can enjoy these programs. I am so tired of crime shows, reality tv and talk help shows it is nice to see something different. Hallmark used to be a good channel to watch but now it is all the same thing three hours of Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons and Frazier every single night is too much. I am sorry I do not love Lucy or care much for Martha Stewart. So when I discovered that gmc had some really good shows like Heartland and Dr Quinn I got excited but then realized I wouldn't be able to enjoy them for very long because you two can't come up with a compromise. Hallmark used to have really nice shows Touched By An Angel, McGregor Saga, Avonlea, Dr. Quinn and the of course Little House and the Waltons (if they weren't on every single day for hours on end) but for some reason good shows were replaced with reality and self help shows. People watch tv to escape from the world for awhile and to relax but evidently that has changed. Please come up with a compromise to keep this channel on your packages. PLEASE.

Posted: 17 weeks 5 days ago

It is truly amazing to me. I am not going to come over as mean but seriously??
What is going to happen to GMC after Oct 11th, it is simple and I can't beleive none of you even thought of this..
THis is a FREE PREVIEW(Does anyone know what that means?) it means that once this free preview is over with on OCT 11th, you would have to subscribe to one of DIshe's packages that it is going into in order to continue to enjoy this channel. So in a sense it well go away for those aren't in the right package to receive this channel. That's what they mean by FREE Preview.

It is a good channel, alot of great family friendly programming, sad that dish couldn't come to an agreement with INSP(but I am sure they are working on getting it back just be paient folks).
Be sure to watch their uplifting videos in the morning they are great. I hope this channel isn't in HD on DISH since it isn't on DIrectv! If it is, then there is something wrong here. Meaning favoriteism on who gets the HD side of GMC!

Posted: 18 weeks 11 hours ago
Nanc S.'s picture

Yes, and I was told by the Dish Network customer service rep. that GMC was going to given to all subscribers, and now
I see that is just another claim that they have failed to honor! My list of complaints with this company is way too long to post! I am sick and tired of them changing things all the time!! Never had that with Medicom or Direct TV. My hubby and I are so sorry that we ever opted for DISH!

Posted: 16 weeks 2 days ago

Thank you I have been a gospel music channel fan since I was with cox cable now i have dish network and I love the service but have to wait to get new channels but I love this channel the best I was wounding how long it is going to last I missed the channel so much loved the shows that were on it Thank you so much gmc fans out there.

Posted: 18 weeks 6 days ago

thank you been missing GMC since switching to Dish now I don't have to ask a thousand times a day!!!
I love GMC!!!
God Bless

Posted: 18 weeks 6 days ago

Another note, 188 is the primary channel.

Posted: 18 weeks 6 days ago

Hello all. We will be announcing the details shortly of gmc's permanent home on DISH. Yes, this is permanent. Stay tuned. Until October 11th, all DISH subscribers on all packages receive a free preview on channel 188. Also check 259. As far as specific programs you have mentioned, Gaither Gospel Hour airs Sunday mornings at 10 am et. If you are seeing Frasier you are not on gmc; gmc does not carry that program. Thanks, everyone, for your interest and support of uplifting entertainment and gmc!

Posted: 18 weeks 6 days ago
60'sgal's picture

We have just recently went with dish Network. So far i am very pleased. I have heard both good and bad about both DirectTV and DishNetwork. the main reason i decided to go with Dish because i am not happy with News corps. I guess i will have to find out first hand, but i was surfing and ran across GMC and i find myself watching constantly. After my 3 months is up i will keep HBO, america's top 120, america's top 200, america's top 250. I sure hope keeping GMC will not mean it is not in any of these packages. when will i know what to expect ?


Posted: 15 weeks 4 days ago

I just saw this...AWESOME! I am so excited. Thank you Dish and GMC!

Posted: 17 weeks 4 days ago

I am sure this may be a worthwhile channel, but it does NOT make up for removing INSP. The programming has similarities, but I miss the teaching programs, the Gaithers and the movies they had. Just because you have ABC does that mean you don't want NBC anymore? And what will happen in Oct? Will this one disappear, too? Somehow I don't trust DISH. I may be leaving, yet, if they don't bring INSP back.

Posted: 19 weeks 5 hours ago

I am loving this channel I just hope we get to keep it after Oct. 11, This is even better than INSP they took away from us. Please, tell us, what happens after Oct. 11?

Posted: 19 weeks 6 hours ago

What happens after October 11th? Does it go away? I love this channel being on Dish. Can't wait to see Dr. Quinn and the Waltons marathon.

Posted: 19 weeks 8 hours ago

Why is my programming different from what you are posting on here and from what is being advertised on the tv? Just wondering because I am interested in some of the shows you say should be on, something besides Fraiser reruns.

Posted: 19 weeks 10 hours ago