Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Lost Season 6

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The year 1872...

Reason to Believe (601)

Shooting Date: 4/9/97–4/17/97
Air Dates: 9/27/97, 9/6/10 (gmc), 9/7/10 (gmc)

Dr. Mike searches desperately for Sully, who lies dying in the wilderness from severe injuries he suffered while fleeing from the Cavalry. Sully's friend Daniel Simon rushes to help Dr. Mike in her search. Meanwhile, newspaper editor Dorothy Jennings rides out in search of Cloud Dancing, with whom she has fallen in love, to tell him Sully is missing. And Sgt. McKay, who is intent on arresting Sully for the murder of the soldier who tried to kill him, sends scouts to follow Dr. Mike just in case she manages to find him alive.

Sgt. McKay . . . . . David Beecroft

Writer: Philip Gerson
Director: Terence O'Hara

All That Matters (602)

Shooting Date: 4/18/97–4/28/97
Air Dates: 10/4/97, 9/6/10 (gmc), 9/7/10 (gmc)

The citizens of Colorado Springs think Sully is dead, and Dr. Mike keeps him hidden for weeks while trying to nurse him back to health in order to protect him from the Army. Daniel remains with Sully as Dr. Mike and her family stoically keep his whereabouts secret. Only Sgt. McKay, who has declared marshal law due to the recent Indian raids, believes Sully is still alive, and continues his relentless pursuit to arrest him. Preston Lodge, meanwhile, plans to buy the Indians' reservation land from the government and set up a lumber mill there. Sully and Cloud Dancing realize such a move would force the tribe onto even worse land, making their situation even more desperate.

Sgt. McKay . . . . . David Beecroft

Writer: Carl Binder
Director: Bethany Rooney

A Matter of Conscience (603)

Shooting Date: 4/29/97–5/7/97
Air Dates: 10/11/97, 9/6/10 (gmc), 9/8/10 (gmc)

Hank, believing Sully and Cloud Dancing to be the instigators of The American Indian raids, declares himself sheriff and sets off to capture them. He publicly accuses Dr. Mike of lying about the death of her husband, Sully, then names himself town sheriff and sets out to bring Sully to justice. The army sends General Wooden, a noted Indian fighter, to end the disturbances, but he is badly injured in a raid led by the renegade warrior Black Moon. Daniel persuades Sergeant McKay to allow the Indian prisoners to proceed peacefully to the reservation. The move infuriates Hank, who assumes the role of sheriff and manages to track down Sully and Cloud Dancing, with near disastrous results.

Sgt. McKay . . . . . David Beecroft
Black Moon . . . . . Gregory Norman Cruz
General Wooden . . . . . Tom Dahlgren
Corporal Winters . . . . . Taylor Sheridan

Writer: Chris Abbott
Director: Terence O'Hara

The Comfort of Friends (604)

Shooting Date: 5/8/97–5/16/97
Air Dates: 10/18/97, 9/8/10 (gmc)

While filled with anxiety about Sully, who is still being sought by the army on murder charges, Dr. Mike begins to experience symptoms indicating that she may be pregnant. She tries to keep her suspicions a secret and is deeply embarrassed when word leaks out among the townspeople before she can tell Sully. Meanwhile, the citizens of Colorado Springs bicker over what items to include in a time capsule they plan to bury for the annual Founders' Day celebration. At issue is how much representation will be given to the role of women and minorities in the town's history. It is a subject that becomes especially important for Mayor Jake Slicker, who is attracted to the new school teacher, Teresa Morales.

Anthony . . . . . Brandon Hammond

Writer: Eric Tuchman
Director: Bethany Rooney

Writer's comments for "The Comfort of Friends"

Dr. Mike is always a tower of strength and a source of support for her family and friends. Now, with Sully a fugitive and the violence between the army and the Indians permeating the town, Mike has good reason to feel anxious, but still tries to stay confident and to keep everyone else's spirits up. But other than Sully, to whom does Mike turn for solace and reassurance? No one.

We decided to explore this aspect of Mike's character in The Comfort of Friends. We put Mike in a stressful and emotionally charged situation – while Sully is away in the Indian territory, she miscarries an unexpected pregnancy. At first, Mike responds in typical fashion – she deals with her grief privately and assures Dorothy and Grace that "everything is under control." But they are determined to let Mike know that she doesn't have to be such a "tough lady" all the time. Mike learns that real strength can lie in admitting vulnerability. Sometimes, all you need is a friend's comforting embrace and a shoulder to cry on. –Eric Tuchman

Wave Goodbye (605)

Shooting Date: 5/19/97–5/28/97
Air Dates: 10/25/97, 9/9/10 (gmc)

Dr. Mike becomes alarmed when a member of Russian royalty, Princess Nizamoff, visits Preston's Springs Chateau Hotel for a vacation and soon has the townsfolk convinced that she is a seer with ties to the spirit world. During a free seance at the Golden Nugget, the Princess astounds the citizens, including the skeptical Michaela, with her seemingly vast knowledge of their private lives and concerns. But Michaela is worried that the royal visitor, who soon begins charging money for her "consultations," might cause harm with some of her predictions. Her fear is heightened when the Princess advises Grace that her adopted son Anthony will suffer no further attacks.

Princess Nizamoff . . . . . Natasha Andreichenko
Eli Clay . . . . . Charles Parks
Natalia . . . . . Lorna Raver

Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Roy Campanella II

Writer's Comments for "Wave Goodbye"

After the Civil War, many bereaved families of loved ones who died in battle sought any way to ease their enormous pain. Many of them sought the comfort of psychics and mediums, who found their business booming. Many of these "mystics" felt they were doing a kind thing, helping parents and wives cope with the loss of their sons and husbands. But many mystics were charlatans, preying upon the grief of others.
"Wave Goodbye" examines this phenomenon, and offers the question of whether or not knowing the future or "speaking with the dead" can cause harm. Are these mystics just helping people through difficult times, or are they causing more pain by telling people exactly what they want to hear? We hope you enjoy it.

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