Until We Have Faces

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Artists: Red
Release Date: 2011
Industry Label: Essential Records Official Site: http://www.redmusiconline.com

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Reaching. Yearning. Struggling. Wanting. Needing.
The epic quest of finding one’s identity might be one of the most universal themes found in the pursuit of art. The hopeless wandering replaced by the hope-filled breakthrough has been chronicled time and again in painting, sculpture, prose, poetry, film and, certainly, music.
The men who make up the rock band RED have been through those trials themselves. They’ve taken those experiences to heart, mixed them with a plethora of influences – be they observations on art they admire, or communications with fans they adore – and now burst forth with a dynamic new set of songs geared toward finding who we truly are, inside and out.
The time is now for Until We Have Faces.

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