Music feeds the soul and fans of Hip-Hop culture worldwide are starving. They are malnourished having been fed a steady diet of violence, drugs and misogyny for years. The souls of these very fans have been broken and lost with it was the want and need for creative and uplifting music to further advance a culture that has a much too storied history to simply wash away. The artist Verbs (previously going by the name of Knowdaverbs) is the proverbial chef in the Hip-Hop kitchen serving up pounding beats, raw lyricism and a vision for the future of Hip-Hop music.

Recent News

Recent News

Waco, Texas – May 20, 2011 – Formed in 2000, the six-member worship band, known for its unique creative style, has announced it will disband after touring this summer. The band's website posted the following message:Important News From Crowder BandWe have several things to let you...
album promo image for A Conversation with The Trial Filmmaker Gary Wheeler
Gary Wheeler (pictured left with actor Matthew Modine) is an award-winning southern filmmaker with credits in both motion picture and television from around the world. He is the founder and president of Level Path Productions and makes his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. His most recent work,...
album promo image for Sizzle or Fizzle? May Release Round-Up
With this year's Dove Awards live show and television premiere behind us, the past year’s worth of releases has earned their due attention and honors. So why not get a jump on next year’s potential nominees from the first month’s worth of eligible releases? May boasts plenty...


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