A new day is dawning bringing with it a sense of yearning for more, a longing for more, and a calling for a deeper level of understanding. Today, many are searching for something in which to believe. Searching, for someone to answer their calling with a word that will make way for an understanding of the how and why of life. Among them, one heard and responded to his calling, setting upon a quest to reach the youth of the world with an encouraging message of hope.


Recent News

Recent News

Considering it's usually the big-budget fare that tends to grab the most attention, it's a rare feat when a movie that's slated for a limited release like There Be Dragons is garnering some pretty big buzz well before opening day.    Already open in many theaters across...
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It's that time of year when florists enjoy brisk business, restaurants add more staff to accommodate the Sunday crowds, and greeting card aisles at local retailers are filled with folks tripping over each other to find a card with just the right sentiment. That's right, it's almost...
Chapman to give Commencement Speech on May 7Tomorrow, music icon and five-time GRAMMY® Award winner Steven Curtis Chapman will help close out the academic year for Anderson University’s Class of 2011 at their graduation ceremony held on campus in the Ward Fieldhouse of the Kardatzke...


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