The year is 1998. Chris Greenwood lies in a bed with severe foot injuries from a skateboarding accident. Up to that point in time skating was his life, his passion. But at that moment he was faced with a decision: Would he give into defeat, having lost his lifes dream, or would he find a new purpose for his existence? Having nothing more than a pad, a pen, and a prayer he came to his crossroads with a new sense of courage.

Recent News

Recent News

The season for hayrides, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples and candy grabbing is in full swing and the current rock scene looks just as appealing. Though nothing can ever top Michael Jackson’s spine chilling blockbuster Thriller, there are still plenty of October rock releases to heat up...
NASHVILLE, Tenn.— The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, Christian music's largest annual tour and Pollstar’s #1 tour in attendance for the first quarter of this year, announced its highly anticipated 2012 artist and city line-up during a special launch event held in Nashville. ...
Natalie Grant
Making her acting debut in gmc’s World Premiere movie, Decision, Dove Award winning Natalie Grant stayed true to her ‘take every opportunity and run with it’ philiosophy. That drive, that spirit, permeates everything she does.There is no doubt that Natalie Grant is now one of the...


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