A Midday Atlantic


A Midday Atlantic is not just another band. They are not just “selling” you something. They believe in every word and every note they play. This music was written for those searching for passion, those searching for meaning, in a world lacking both.

A Midday Atlantic began four years ago by singer, Miguel Ramirez and guitarist, Ryan Lunde. After four tours spanning over twenty states, countless shows, member changes, and 2,764 energy drinks, A Midday Atlantic has acquired the taste of success. Joined by guitarist, Jasun Krebs (formerly of As I Lay Dying), bassist, Cameron...

Recent News

Recent News

Gloria Gaither
Southern Gospel music lovers who are longtime fans of Bill Gaither’s successful Homecoming series have an extra reason to rejoice this holiday season. Bill’s lovely wife Gloria has authored a new book, A Homecoming Christmas: Sensing the Wonders of the Season, that not only shares the...
album promo image for Jimmy Wayne’s Paper Angels
It’s nearly impossible to have an encounter with Jimmy Wayne and not feel challenged to make a difference. His desire to make the world a better place and help others, particularly disadvantaged kids, is disarming and inspiring. A country singer/songwriter known for such hits as “...
Black Friday or Bless Friday? Five Gospel Goodies for Your Shopping List
By Friday, the Thanksgiving turkey will likely be decimated down to its giblets, but the shopping season will be sprinting out of the gate. You’ve got so much to do, just thinking about starting that list is enough to give you a headache. Add to that a tight holiday budget, and gift-giving...


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