Adie "Where Could I Go"

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Adie peppers everyday problems with an eternal perspective. It’s a worldview she’s developed from a daily walk with the Lord. As a singer, worship leader, wife of recording artist Jeremy Camp and mother, Adie’s plate is full each day, so she doesn’t dare start it without time carved out with God. “I feel like in our society we’re just getting busier and busier and it’s grabbing our focus and attention away from the Lord,” she says. “Ultimately at the end of the day it’s our relationship with the Lord and our heart toward Him that really is the most important thing.”

This is the driving theme behind her sophomore solo album, Just You and Me. The title is inspired by the last track on the album called “Only You,” which was Adie’s favorite song to lead in worship in her near two-year stint as the worship leader at her church in Nashville. “It was just one of those things where I felt every time we played it I felt like it was just me and the Lord in that moment. It was just such a unique experience to have when you’re leading worship. If anything just a reoccurring theme that I feel the Lord is teaching me in my life is it’s just me and Him, even with being married and having kids and all these things going on.”

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