Tricia Brock, Jesus I Am Resting, Resting

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This song was written in the 1800s, and has been rewritten to be more of a ‘modern’ hymn. My hope for this album was to write or find songs that maintain the sacred feelings that hymns hold for me.  I grew up singing right out of the hymnal, so this where I go when I need a true song of worship.  I love how the words haven’t been changed to become something that is easier to say or understand. There is a reverence to this kind of worship, and for me it is still so special.  Singing songs like How Great Thou Art or Amazing Grace, where the depths of the lyric is what you see, rather than being about the music or production.  It’s the heart. So I found this song and thought it was beautiful and exactly the heart of what I want for this project. "Thou hast bid me gaze upon Thee, and Thy beauty fills my soul.".  Lovely.  “I am resting in the joy of what Thou art. I am finding out the greatness of Thy loving heart” I feel like this writer was writing this as they were falling in love with who they found Jesus to be, and each one of us can allow each moment of worship to become new again.  When we choose to see the aspects of God, he will leave us truly speechless.

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