Commanders of the Resistance

By gmc-editor | gmc staff Editor
Posted: Tue, 12/11/2007 - 04:18

by Jenny Bennett

The Washington Projects, brother and sister duo Je'kob and Rachael Washington, who began their careers making music with their brother Joshu'a in a group called Souljahz, releasing their sole project The Fault is History in 2002, are back on the scene with their new group's debut album Commanders of the Resistance, a blend of rap, hip-hop and pop with unique beats and sound effects, and Christ-centered lyrics in many of their songs.

The album went up for sale in their online store at on November 10th, but will officially hit the streets March 8, 2008. Instant hit Take It to the Streets has already made the list of top 30 videos on Gospel Music Channel, and its world premiere was featured on the debut episode of The Kitchen Sink.

Tracks like You Are My World change the perception of what praise & worship music can be and bring it to a new level. It's not often that you hear a chorus like this in the world of rap, often plagued by vulgarity and violence, but its proof that the group is filling a void in rap music:

You're my everything
You're the King of Kings
Reason why I sing
Reason why I breathe
You are the world to me
Jesus, You are my world...

I hear a tinge of OutKast influencing their song Time, which cleverly uses the sounds of a clock which they mimic with their voices in the chorus: Tick tock tick tock the clock keeps turning.

The song starts out as a somewhat depressing reflection on time slipping away. (Take time to smell the flowers. But do not take an hour. 'Cause you already wasted 20 minutes in the shower...And I know, I know that time is not a friend of mine. And I know, I know his hands commit the cruelest crime. Yeah, he's a smooth criminal.)

But the song does eventually morph into a hopeful Christian message by speaking about spending your time with Christ.

The beginning and the end, so very close, so far away. Tomorrow, yesterday in His hands, He holds eternity.

Commanders of the Resistance is a lot of fun to listen to. Even though there is a lot of spiritual content here, parents should be warned that some of the songs have relationship themes better suited for mature audiences. But for the most part they have protrayed a good image and produced a good sound. The group seems to have the main goal of living for and making music to the glory of God. And there's nothing wrong with a little success in doing that. Souljahz was nominated for five Dove awards and won two during their short career, so lets hope that The Washington Projects follow suit.

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