Group 1 Crew, Outta Space Love

By Lindsay Williams
Posted: Tue, 09/21/2010 - 17:24

By Lindsay Williams, contributing writer,

It’s too bad Group 1 Crew couldn’t have released its new album, Outta Space Love, earlier in the year because it would have made the perfect summer soundtrack. The 12 new songs serve up the trio’s unique brand of funk, hip-hop and pop. Group 1 Crew is probably one of the most eclectic artists in Christian music, making their music almost impossible to categorize. However, if there was a category for “fun,” they’d be right there with songs sure to give Black Eyed Peas a run for their money.

If you want to add some party to your iPod this fall, Outta Space Love should do the trick. “Live It Up” kicks off the disc with a danceable beat and modern lyrics iPhone texting teens will instantly relate to, easily making it one of the best songs on the album and proving right out of the gate that Group 1 Crew could go head-to-head with any Top 40 mainstream act in the current marketplace and stand their own. The first song seamlessly flows into the beats of “Need Your Love” and radio single “Walking On the Stars,” two cuts that showcase the group’s off-beat production and use of unconventional sounds to enhance the backdrop of these tracks.

“Let’s Go” features a cameo by TobyMac, giving Group 1 Crew even more street cred. The funky “Beautiful” and “Wait” seem to be aimed at the trio’s teen girl fanbase. It’s fitting since the trio is showcasing their music on the Revolve Tour. The former is reminiscent of the R&B-tinged stylings of Stacie Orrico, while “Wait” will make Michael Franti fans happy with the reggae beats.

Overall, the album suffers from some cheesy lyrics but packs a punch in the fun department. So, if it’s deep, thoughtful lyrics you’re looking for, Outta Space Love won’t be your cup of tea. In fact, aside from the positive, squeaky-clean nature of the music, the lyrics are vague at best when broaching any spiritual matters. It’s hard to tell when the Crew is talking about God’s love and when they’re talking about the love of a significant other. No matter, this release is still a positive alternative to anything currently spinning on mainstream radio.

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