John P. Kee, The Legacy Project

By Debra Akins
Posted: Mon, 01/24/2011 - 10:48

By Debra Akins, contributing writer,

“We’ll never appreciate where we’re going if we don’t celebrate what got us here!” Pastor John P. Kee made this declaration on his Facebook page this week, talking about his brand new release, The Legacy Project. A bit of a departure from his more recent fare, The Legacy Project hearkens back to the soulful traditional gospel and bluesy quartet stylings that have such deep roots in the gospel genre.

With more than two decades under his gospel music belt, Kee has made his own mark on the genre’s traditions and trends over the years with The New Life Community Choir. His recent offerings have helped bridge the gap between listeners of all ages by successfully blending traditional gospel with modern R&B. But this time around, Kee pays tribute to his own musical influences by going back to his roots on The Legacy Project.

Assembling some of the most recognizable voices in gospel music, Kee made the absolute most of this collection of songs – every one of which he wrote. Guest appearances include the soulful Anthony Hamilton on “You’ve Been So Good,” the legendary Fred Hammond on “I Know You,” Rance Allen (The Rance Allen Group) on “Blessings” and “Praying For You,” Joe Ligon (The Mighty Clouds of Joy) on “Breakthrough” and “I’ll Serve Him,” and Harvey Watkins (The Canton Spirituals) on “Determined” – to name just a few.

The Legacy Project succeeds in merging old school tradition with John P. Kee’s signature style, and the result packs a powerful punch. This is one collection that lives up to its name.

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