Just James

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Posted: Mon, 08/24/2009 - 14:52

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Just James

Artist: J. Moss
Label: Verity
Genre: Contemporary, Gospel

By Monica Watkins for GospelMusicChannel.com

J. Moss sheds industry titles and accolades as he extends an invitation into the heart of the man behind the music, with his appropriately titled new release Just James.

The themes of surrender and restoration are clearly defined in songs like "I Gave It Up," "Restored" and "Rebuild." "Rebuild" invokes an image of a broken vessel receiving mercy, grace, and restoration from a loving Father. The vocal performance is impeccable, yet it humbly rides alongside the messages of faith, hope, and restoration that drive this track.

Potential Sunday morning favorites include "So Into You," "Sweet Jesus," and "Holy One." Both "Anointing" and the title track, "Just James," are standouts. "Anointing" has a jazz flavor and J.Moss' personal anthem is an up-tempo, pop track that's easy to relate to. Although it brings up the rear of the project, this track is truly the celebrity of them all.

To get to know J. Moss, listen to Just James. Different from his previous work, it proves that you don't have to sacrifice quality or creativity for heart. By offering the listener a musical glimpse into his personal hills and valleys, Moss has eclipsed levels of his earlier music and secured fans for years to come.

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