Leeland, The Great Awakening

By Melissa Riddle ... | senior content strategist, www.watchgmctv.com
Posted: Tue, 09/20/2011 - 09:44

Since the brothers Mooring debuted on the Christian music scene in 2006 with Sound of Melodies, their trajectory as a band has been well worth paying attention to... in no small part thanks to the stunning live performances they deliver wherever they go. Love Is On the Move in 2010 solidified Leeland’s place among the notable modern worship bands of the 21st century.

Now, with little sister Shelley in tow, Leeland takes a decidedly rootsy turn back to its debut album with The Great Awakening, an 11-track collection of big worship anthems recorded in an ambitious live-to-tape process. Produced by Paul Moak (Third Day, Matt Maher), The Great Awakening is the best kind of en-mass singalong, full of energy and excitement, inspired by its travels all over the world in support of Food for the Hungry.

“We’ve all been going through a personal revival in this band,” says Leeland. “We’ve felt God taking us out of a plateau, shaking us up and saying, ‘Don’t cruise anymore.’ That’s where we are, feeling like God wants to bring a great awakening to this generation.”

While it may be easy to make comparisons to Hillsong United and newcomers The City Harmonic – with their collective U2/Coldplay-esque sonic palates – don’t make the mistake of lumping any of these bands in the ‘imitator’ category. It’s certainly great company to keep, and Leeland consistently aims high and delivers on the songwriting front. Standout tracks include “All Over the Earth” and the first single “I Wonder,” among others.

Bottom line: If you’re in serious need of a little unrestrained ‘church,’ a mini-shot of revival to get you pointed in the right direction, Leeland’s The Great Awakening is just the project to take you there.

Look for Leeland on this fall’s “Sounds of Hope Tour” with Building 429 and Royal Tailor. For the most updated tour dates, visit www.leelandonline.com.

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