Mary Mary, Something Big

By Cameron Conant
Posted: Tue, 02/22/2011 - 14:49

By Cameron Conant, contributing writer,

The new Mary Mary album, Something Big, might more appropriately be called ‘Something for Everyone.’ Here the gospel sister-singers give listeners a collection that spans the pop, soul, and R&B gamut, from the Marvin Gaye-inspired “Survive” to the gentle “Homecoming Glory,” which could be found on an Amy Grant album.

Click HERE to see Mary Mary's new music video, "Walking."

The album starts with “Recall,” a foot-stomping number with dirty guitars and Stevie Wonder-like keyboard flourishes about Jesus, the “greatest man in history/can’t nobody do better,” while the next song, “Something Bigger” is a well-produced R&B track that’s big indeed, but, like a few others on this album, has a monotonous and unvarying beat, and a bridge that is, if not entirely absent, mostly absent.

However, the 12-song project, Mary Mary’s sixth studio effort, shines as a whole. The duo’s vocals are fantastic, the production is good, and the songs are interesting. Faith themes are addressed throughout, though a few tracks are clearly intended for a more mainstream audience. But how many other albums can attract listeners of Beyonce, Barlow Girl, Nicole C. Mullen, and Amy Grant? Mary Mary does it with this album – and that’s definitely Something Big.

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