Natalie Grant, Love Revolution

By Lindsay Williams
Posted: Tue, 08/24/2010 - 17:27

By Lindsay Williams, contributing writer, gmclife.com

Live, Natalie Grant is a force to be reckoned with. The powerful vocalist boasts chops most people only dream about. Her latest effort, Love Revolution, unfortunately does little to portray Grant as the incredible powerhouse vocalist that she is. The album – produced by Grant’s husband Bernie Herms – leaves listeners with a pleasant experience, but the “wow” factor  that Grant’s previous material possesses. Where Grant has been instrumental in writing originals on recent projects, her byline is also missing on the majority of Love Revolution, choosing instead to record a host of worship tracks written not only by skilled industry songwriters, but also some relatively unknown local Nashville writers. That said, there are still some noteworthy songs on this collection.

The majority of the songs are decidedly praise-focused, but Grant also mixes in pop, R&B and soul, which give the album variety. The opening selection, “Daring to Be,” as well as the title track carry fun hooks, while the funky “Beauty Mark” shows off the singer’s soulful side, with lyrics describing the value of finding our worth in our Creator.

Lead single “Greatness of Our God” contains a chorus churches are already singing nationwide. Yet, surprisingly, Grant’s vocals are rather understated.

One of the most poignant pieces is “Your Great Name,” where glimpses of Grant’s incredible vocal range build to a bridge declaring God’s character. “The Power of the Cross” is another powerful statement that shines in an otherwise scaled back landscape. The weight of the message combined with Grant’s vocal prowess merge for the most commanding performance of the album.

One of the best pop selections comes in the form of “Human,” which Grant performed at this year’s Dove Awards with Jordin Sparks, who co-wrote the song. Not only are the lyrics strong, but the pop synth provides a unique R&B flavor reminiscent of Sparks’ recent material.

The album also contains two bonus acoustic tracks. While it may fail to showcase the range of Grant’s vocals, these stripped-down selections show she is just as talented in a low-key, controlled setting.

The theme of Love Revolution carries beyond the album to Grant’s all-new interactive website at www.startaloverevolution.com. Both compelling and engaging, as fans from around the world continue to share stories of revolutionizing love, and as this collection of songs certainly projects the same message, fans can rally around in conjunction with a cause. No doubt, Grant continues to create a platform that extends far beyond her music.

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