RED, Until We Have Faces

By Jackie A. Chapman
Posted: Mon, 01/31/2011 - 17:32

By Jackie A. Chapman, contributing writer,

Two-time GRAMMY-nominated RED returns with Until We Have Faces. Here the band explores the emotions people fight to find their identity in this world. Drawing from the ideas of C.S. Lewis, RED engages in a relentless ride, directing feelings of loss, hopelessness and anger into confidence and discovery.

Band members (Michael Barnes, lead vocals; Randy Armstrong, bass; Anthony Armstrong, guitar; and Joe Rickard, drums) are said to have undergone their own process of re-discovery for this record, and that personal pursuit and maturity clearly translates to the lyrics and the music. Each song is crafted toward the message that confusion and pain can give way to resolution and hope by Christ’s strength. The band, along with producer Rob Graves, successfully captures the struggle and search.

While the ferocity of the musical attack has been amped up, so too the emotion and messages conveyed via the songs. The job and passion of bringing those emotions to the surface falls to vocalist Barnes, a quiet and unassuming man offstage but an undeniable force on stage and in the vocal booth.

“There’s a symmetry to everything now,” bassist Randy Armstrong, says. “We’ve kinda settled into this as four guys with a very serious focus. We get on stage, and it just feels different. It’s very clean and more intense. When we started out doing this, we were punk kids who just wanted to make noise,” he continues. “Now we’re really concentrated on being a great band.”

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This is one amazing album. I have met this group multiple times and would recommend getting their cd and seeing them perform. They are outstanding musicians that have great words.

Posted: 15 weeks 3 days ago
mikeandconstance's picture

GREAT ALBUM!!! This group is amazing. We saw them live at Winterjam a few months ago and they were just as good live as they are on the CD. We highly recommend this group, they are wonderful!!

Posted: 20 weeks 6 days ago