Times Like These

By gmc-editor | gmc staff Editor
Posted: Tue, 05/04/2010 - 20:13

By Lindsay Williams, contributing writer, gmclife.com

Close your eyes, and press "play" on Times Like These. Chances are you'll think you're listening to the latest Rascal Flatts' album. However, it's actually the third release from pop/country duo Austins Bridge. The album is produced by Flatts' own Jay DeMarcus, who leaves his fingerprint on every song. Nevertheless, it's Jason Baird and Justin Rivers who do the heavy lifting vocally. The duo's crisp vocals could easily go head to head with Flatts' lead singer Gary Levox any day. In fact, it's the strength of their vocals that make this record unique.

The casual listener could be quick to regard this effort as another record vying for attention in the already crowded pop/country landscape. However, the duo's vocals, as well as the excellent production are top-notch, providing Austins Bridge with the opportunity for crossover success. Never one to whole-heartedly lean toward country sensibilities, Christian radio may be slow to embrace first single "Mercy Never Fails." However, fans of pop/country will likely enjoy the infectious harmonies and the plethora of "story songs" that abound on Times Like These.

Songs like "There Is A God," formerly recorded by Lee Ann Womack, "Hold On To Jesus," and "Mercy Never Leaves" build on solid foundations of unabashed Gospel messages. The duo also serves up plenty of inspirational faire with songs such as "Quitters" (a story of a young boy's dream to walk away from a wheelchair) and "Dash Between the Dates" (focusing on what's really important in life).

Flatts fans will no doubt love Austins Bridge's latest, and hopefully others will learn to appreciate the duo's immense talent along the way.

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