'Uplifting Pop' Goes Behind the Scenes

By Andy Argyrakis | senior editor, www.watchgmctv.com
Posted: Wed, 07/13/2011 - 14:13

album promo image for Behind the Scenes: Uplifting Pop Videos

For those keeping tabs on gmc as of late, “Uplifting Entertainment” is more than just a colorful catchphrase, it’s a programming philosophy. From family-friendly movies like “That Thing You Do,” “Doc Hollywood,” and the gmc world premiere original “Trinity Goodheart,” to family dramas like “Heartland” and “Judging Amy,” and gospel music awards shows and specials highlighting inspirational entertainers like “America Sings,” don’t let anyone tell you there’s nothing good on TV. In addition to all of the above, the network’s just rolled out another facet of that campaign in the form of uplifting pop music videos, weekdays at 9 am et.

Without further adieu, www.watchgmctv.com brings you the inside scoop behind a sample of the current music videos seen on gmc (plus a couple of online exclusives), from Francesca Battistelli, Owl City, Building 429, Faith Evans and even the Doobie Brothers (amongst others), all united under the goal of stirring the soul.

The Artist: Francesca Battistelli
The Song: “This Is the Stuff”
The Inside Scoop: Everyone who follows Christian music closely knows Francesca Battistelli is the reigning Dove Award queen, but chances are most don’t realize this single about swapping stress for patience also soared in the secular scene (landing at #22 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100). Even more interesting is the accompanying video, which was compiled from a pool of fan footage shot during the recent Winter Jam tour.

The Artist: Chris August
The Song: “7 x 70”
The Inside Scoop: He used to play keyboards on tour for Ashlee Simpson and produced her sis’ Jessica and Brian McKnight in the studio, but these days Chris August’s embraced Christian artistry full-time. In this uplifting video, he sings of coming from a broken home, but letting those painful memories go with a literal trip back to the house he grew up in and leaving all his past demons on the doorstep as he departs.

The Artist: Building 429
The Song: “Listen to the Sound”
The Inside Scoop: While Building 429 will best be remembered for the mega hit “Glory Defined,” there’s much more to members than merely chart success. In fact, prior to recording its newest CD Listen to the Sound, frontman Jason Roy became a worship pastor, which inspired the single of the same name. Catch the guys hanging out on an ultra-hip soundstage bearing elements of the album’s artwork and catch their lyrical wave of incorporating praise into our daily lifestyle.

The Artist: Doobie Brothers
The Song: “Far From Home”
The Inside Scoop: With more than 30 million albums sold in America alone, the Doobie Brothers are amongst the most familiar faces of classic rock. These days, the band is back after a ten-year hiatus from the studio to once again interject its faithful lyrics (remember “Jesus Is Just Alright”?) within swampy guitars and husky harmonies. Catch tear-jerking footage of actual troops being reunited with their loved ones as the band’s patriotic soundtrack plays in the background.

The Artist: Faith Evans
The Song: “Gone Already”
The Inside Scoop: She’s been a staple of the R&B and soul scenes since signing with Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records in the mid-90s, but Faith Evans is a life-long believer who’s wearing that faith on her sleeve even more throughout Something About Faith. This incredibly poignant ballad gives listeners the courage to step out of an unhealthy relationship, using several masked characters as metaphors for the layers the singer hopes to shed by the end of this pensive video.

The Artist: Dara Maclean
The Song: “Suitcases”
The Inside Scoop: Besides mirroring soulful new artists of today like Adele and Natasha Bedingfield, the singer/songwriter grew up on a steady diet of the Motown era and
neo-soul siren Lauryn Hill. Look for the newcomer showcasing her impressive vocal chops throughout a live performance video that she hopes will give listeners a chance to lay their burdens before the Lord, while trading in guilt for grace. “I want to paint a picture of God’s complete restorative love,” she shares of the tune co-written with super producer/All Star United singer Ian Eskelin. “Through Christ, we have an opportunity to live free.”

The Artist: Royal Tailor
The Song: “Make a Move”
The Inside Scoop: They may be a brand-new band, but there’s plenty of buzz behind Royal Tailor, who basically blend the best of Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. Even more exciting than its sound is the uplifting clip supporting this call to witness anthem, which features eye-catching choreography by Nick Bass (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears).

The Artist: Owl City
The Song: “Alligator Sky”
The Inside Scoop: The name Adam Young is now synonymous with the one-man electronica band Owl City, but trivia buffs may be surprised to learn he also spent time in Swimming With Dolphins (a newly signed Tooth & Nail act that continues to record and tour without him). Even so, “Alligator Sky” continues to keep Young and Owl City in the limelight with one of this year’s most inventive videos to date. Over a lyrical dichotomy that ponders space travel and the vast scope of God’s creation, look out for breathtaking scenes from nature’s most treasured mountain tops to the lush clouds above.

The Artist: Sidewalk Prophets
The Song: “You Love Me Anyway”
The Inside Scoop: Sometimes it’s easy to feel beat up as believers, from self-imposed sin to a world that makes us weary, though Sidewalk Prophets so aptly remind all that “You Love Me Anyway.” Of course the modern rock band (who was basically discovered by Audio Adrenaline’s Will McGinniss and since signed with Word Records) is speaking of the Lord’s unconditional love, with a humble and contemplative performance video sure to usher listeners into His presence.

The Artist: Third Day
The Song: “Children of God”
The Inside Scoop: Third Day has a practically endless stable of songs, but the current, adoption-themed “Children of God” has certainly struck a particular chord via radio, video and as a set list staple on the Make Your Move Tour. The affirming chorus of “We are the saints/ We are the children/ We’ve been redeemed/ We’ve been forgiven/ We are the sons and the daughters of our God” pretty much speaks for itself, and out of any on this list, a subsequent clip filled with personal adoption testimonies is bound to uplift and equip.

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About the Writer

Andy Argyrakis is a Chicago-based entertainment writer/photographer who appears in the Chicago Tribune, IllinoisEntertainer, Daily Journal, Concert Livewire, Hear/Say Magazine and Image Chicago (to name few). His record label writing credits include Warner Brothers, Atlantic, Curb, EMI and Universal, with additional photo credits for Fuse TV, Live Nation, Nikon, Pollstar, Celebrity Access, Paste Magazine, MTV.com and Vibe.com. He’s also the author/narrator of "Access Matthews" (an audio CD tracing the career of Dave Matthews Band) and spends considerable time on tour, including outings with Arlo Guthrie, The Guess Who, Madina Lake (on Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution) and Gospel Music Channel’s very own "Gospel Dream" (where he served as season one judge).

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