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By Jenny Bennett | managing editor,
Posted: Thu, 02/14/2008 - 21:38

album promo image for The Afters MySpace Girl

The Afters Put a New Spin on the Phenomenon of "MySpace Stalking" with New Single MySpace Girl

The Afters may be best recognized today from the theme song to MTV's 8th and Ocean, however they will soon be known as the band who popularized the term "MySpace stalking" with their new single MySpace Girl.

MySpace Girl tells the real-life story of how The Afters' bassist used the popular social networking site to covertly gather intelligence about a young woman he admired from afar at a burger joint. Not only was he able to find her and contact her, but the couple eventually married.

"He was convinced that she was 'the one'," says lead singer Josh Havens. "It was just such a great story we thought there had to be a song about it!"

In the tradition of art imitating life, the band chose not only to use the website to premiere their new song, but also to insert cameo photographs of their MySpace friends into the music video – almost as if they were "MySpace stalking" their own fans in reverse.

The chosen fans were ecstatic.

"I am super excited and so pumped to have my picture be in the MySpace Girl video," said Afters fan Chelsey England. "This is an awesome contest and a great way to get your fans involved. The Afters are amazing! Woo hoo!"

MySpace Girl can be seen on YouTube at The single is available now at iTunes and will be included on the Afters new album Never Going Back To OK, available everywhere on Feb. 26.

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