Chris Tomlin's Story of Compassion

By Jenny Bennett | managing editor,
Posted: Tue, 10/20/2009 - 14:31

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By Jenny Bennett, contributing writer,

Chris Tomlin doesn't strike me as the skeptical type. Yet his initial reaction to getting involved with Compassion International's Sponsor a Child campaign led him to ask the question – "Are these letters I'm receiving real?"

Tomlin's support of Compassion solidified when he had the opportunity to visit Uganda to meet Emmanuel, the first child he'd ever sponsored through the organization.

"Every single person in the western hemisphere should be sponsoring a kid," Tomlin encourages. "It doesn't take much money and it makes a massive difference and transforms kids' lives. I've seen it kid after kid after kid. [Compassion] is an incredible organization."

This time of year – and this year in particular – is an especially appropriate time to get involved with a charity, and Tomlin confirms that when working with Compassion, sponsorship really does meet specific needs, and the requests for special gifts received at Christmastime are also put to good use, and are even saving lives. Check out this story on video. ("A Cool Story about a sponsored child")

"This year, I will spend the majority of the Christmas season on the road doing our first Christmas tour," says Tomlin, whose new album Glory In the Highest includes a song that shares the name of the first child he ever sponsored, Emmanuel. Download the song and listen to the full album stream here. "I can't wait to share these nights all over the country. What better time of the year than Christmas to come together to sing and worship our Lord?"

But Tomlin is clear that music is just a part of what worship means to him.

"I count it the privilege of my life to stand before people night after night and lead in times of worship to God. But I'm constantly reminded that there is more to a life of worship than songs. I want to use any influence that God has given me to speak for those without a voice."

In addition to remaining a friend of Compassion, Tomlin supports a number of other worthy endeavors. The web site offers specific ways to get involved – from sustainable villages for Ugandan refugees – to Bibles for people in southeast Asia and life-altering surgeries for children with curable deformities.

" is a creative way to allow any person on any level to get involved. We can't do everything but we can do something," says Tomlin. "The causes that are listed on the site are trustworthy and do an immense amount of good. OneMillionCan is a tangible expression of loving your neighbor as yourself."

As crystal clear as the Christmas music on Glory In the Highest, Tomlin's words encourage and inspire action, especially as it relates to these worthy organizations. Tell us your story of compassion. We'd love to hear from you. Sharing your story enters you to win a trip to a Central American country, sponsored by Compassion International. Submit your story.

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