Continuing the Legacy

By Jenny Bennett | managing editor,
Posted: Tue, 12/15/2009 - 23:21

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By Melissa Riddle, senior content strategist,

When it comes to building a legacy, you'd be hard-pressed to find a family with a longer gospel music pedigree than The Clark Sisters. For more than three decades, this family has been following the compassionate example of their mother and gospel legend, the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, a woman whose musical style and substance continues to impact generations of artists across the genre spectrum, be it pop, gospel, R&B, jazz and hip hop.

But for 'the sisters' – Jacky, Twinkie, Dorinda and Karen – their mother's legacy is as much about compassion and giving as it ever was about music. She set the example for her daughters to become women who reach out to care for others.

"When my mother was reclining in sickness, suffering diabetes, then suffered a stroke, and then having one of her limbs amputated," Dorinda says, "I saw a great need to understand those with physical challenges and health issues, those who need assistance." Seeing her mother, a strong independent woman, become dependent on the loving kindness of others really impacted her. "It made me view things totally different, from a new perspective, [and] it gave me extra respect and care for those who need help."

In more than a decade of touring the globe as the GRAMMY-winning Clark Sisters, these four women have made reaching out a priority. "We've ministered in London, Germany, Korea, Japan and South Africa," to name a few, Dorinda says. "I remember South Africa, especially, going to poverty stricken areas," areas where living conditions were terrible.

Poverty at home and abroad and ministering to the sick and suffering continue to inspire these women to use their music to make a difference. Every year during the holiday season, The Clark Sisters reach out by hosting and performing at hospitals and convalescent homes. They especially enjoy singing carols and interacting with the people they meet, not only 'bringing the sunshine' but the 'reason for the season' to people who need it most, even beyond the music.

This year, The Clark Sisters have given us all a gift with The Clark Sisters' Family Christmas!, their new holiday release. Who knows, it just may be playing on their ipods when they gather at one of the sister's houses for breakfast on Christmas day.

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