A Day in the Life of Newworldson

By Jenny Bennett | managing editor, www.watchgmctv.com
Posted: Sat, 05/17/2008 - 15:11

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"The Kitchen Sink"
By Joel Parisien

1 am - go to sleep
3 am -wake up: hit snooze button
3:09 -hit snooze again
3:18-hit snooze again
3:27-get up
3:45-arrive at Mark's; double back to Rich's when he realizes he didn't leave
the carseats behind for Cate
5:00-get to the airport; get boarding passes; get charged for oversized luggage
5:41-lose boarding pass
5:43-find boarding pass
8:20-touch down in Atlanta
9:30-get checked into hotel; go to sleep zzzz
1 pm-meet for lunch with Tammi and Jenny from Gospel Music Channel
2:30-go back to sleep, again
7:00-arrive at Gospel Music Channel studios
7:30-take photographs; take self way too seriously
9:00-do interviews for "The Kitchen Sink" with host Elle; mess up the rapid
fire round
9:45-set up and sound check
10:15-begin shooting "The Kitchen Sink"
set list:
Working Man
Sweet Holy Spirit
Salvation Station
Waitin' 'Till The Rapture Come

11:00-re-shoot Sweet Holy Spirit; run out of tape
11:10-take 3 Sweet Holy Spirit
11:45-eat lukewarm pasta (singers always have to eat late)
12:30-arrive back at hotel; set alarm for 6 am; go back to sleep

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