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By Andy_Argyrakis
Posted: Mon, 03/01/2010 - 20:54

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By Andy Argyrakis, senior music editor, gmclife.com

When it comes to the blues, no one from the current class is as beloved as Jonny Lang, thanks to his feverish licks, soulful vocals and faith-fueled lyrics (in spite of standing atop the mainstream scene). And speaking of finding fans across all faith lines, alternative rockers Day of Fire have a unique ability to branch out thanks to frontman Josh Brown previously serving as frontman for Island/Def Jam act Full Devil Jacket, and subsequently touring with Creed and Nickelback. gmclife.com recently sat down to chat separately with both of these compelling artists.

Lang chats Hendrix and gospel
Modern day blues luminary Jonny Lang's never been shy about his faith, especially in recent years with albums like 2006's Turn Around, which scored a GRAMMY Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album. From then until now, the guitar slinger's toured non-stop, and with the planned release of Live at the Ryman in between collaborations with The Jonas Brothers, The Fisk Jubilee Singers and Israel Houghton, he's stayed a busy man.

"My relationship with God is the biggest motivator [for the gospel stylings] on Turning Around," Lang tells gmclife.com. "I just really had the urge to make a record that was a little more specifically about how grateful to God I am for my life and that's how that record came about. I didn't really try for it to be known as a gospel record, but with the lyrics, it ended up getting notoriety and even got a GRAMMY, which was very cool."

Though it remains to be seen if Lang will also go down as a gospel great, he did recently get the chance to collaborate with one of the scene's most respected players, Phil Keaggy. The two six-string strummers tore the house down at 2009's Gospel Music Association Week in Nashville, to which Lang is still in awe. "Dude, he is such a nice guy and just a beast on guitar," the 29-year-old says of the living legend. "It was great to be able to play with him and I remember thinking 'I'm just gonna keep it simple here and let the master take it away' and he was absolutely amazing."

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In other collaborative news, Lang is also hitting the road this spring with several other heavyweights, including Joe Satriani, Aerosmith's Brad Whitford, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and many more on the Experience Hendrix Tour. And as the moniker implies, the entire outing will tip its hat to Jimi Hendrix, who unquestionably had significant influence on the playing styles of all of the above.

"The biggest thing I draw from him is just his sense of melody and his approach is so much different than a lot of guitarists," Lang reasons. "I obviously didn't know him, but it seems to me like he approached it from a melodic side rather than just trying to play fast riffs. Aside from being a great virtuoso, he was a genius musically. You hear a lot of innovation in his melodies, especially for that time, and in the overall structure of his songs."

A fresh Fire
Following Josh Brown's troubled stint as frontman of Full Devil Jacket, he formed the faith-focused band Day of Fire, releasing a pair of projects on the Provident label group, followed by the fresh Losing All on the general market label Razor & Tie. Though the group's steadily evolved with the alternative rock times, it's consistently committed to an evangelistic message capable of penetrating the walls of bars, clubs and everywhere in between thanks to its leader's gripping testimony.

"I learned many lessons with Full Devil Jacket, the biggest one being living a life consumed by drug addiction really stinks," Brown reveals. "I learned that peace cannot be found in fame, money, or drugs. True peace only comes from getting your life right with the Messiah."

While Losing All certainly alludes to those themes on several occasions, the group paints with broad brush strokes to address the various struggles its audience may be facing. Add in a soundtrack of burly bass, grinding guitars and decadent drums cut live in the studio, and it's likely to connect with the masses.

"The songs cover everything from break-ups, heartache, drug addiction and death, to faith, love and hope; the real life, the ups and downs," adds Brown. "Razor and Tie has been like a much-needed shot of adrenaline to the Day of Fire team. They understand what we do and how to get it to the listener and they have a very experienced staff and we feel honored to work with them. We're also excited to get this music out to the general market which is where it has always needed to be."

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