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By Jenny Bennett | managing editor, www.watchgmctv.com
Posted: Sat, 04/05/2008 - 04:29

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by Jenny Bennett

Karen Peck & New River's album Journey of Joy is a 2008 Dove nominee for Southern Gospel Album of the Year. Karen, Susan, and Devin sat down with Gospel Music Channel on the set of The Kitchen Sink to share their favorite songs on the album.

"What a difference God made between now and last night."
Karen Peck: One of my favorite songs on the album is Last Night. The writer of the song is Marsha Henry who has been sick for quite some time and the doctors have not been able to diagnose her. Slowly she is getting better and God is slowly healing her body. There are so many situations where we ask 'how in the world am I ever going to make it through this one?' But God always comes through. And this song reminds me of the scripture that says "Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning."

"Are you gonna be ready? 'Cause it's gonna be soon!?"
Susan: One of my favorite songs is Hey. It's a fun song. Karen and John Darin Rowsey wrote it. We're friendly in the South and even if we don't know you we're going to say "Hey, how ya doin'?" I just enjoy that song. And it asks an important question, "whatcha gonna do when the Lord comes back?"

"I know that He lives and I know that He gives everything I need. God is makin' a way. I know the He can and I know that He will deliver me. I can trust Him today 'cause I have faith."
Devin: Faith is one of my favorite songs for a couple of different reasons. I love the groove and the feel of that song. I also love what it says. The Bible says that without faith it's impossible to please God, and so we always want to strive to please God in everything we do – in every facet of our lives.

The group will go back into the studio in May. When I asked if they have any expectations musically this time around, Karen says, "It's really somethin' how when we choose the songs for an album it's usually where we are in our spiritual walk with God. I'm very curious to see what we'll end up with in May. We pray so much about what songs God wants us to put on the album and He always seems to lead us to the right ones. It's definitely spirit-led. We can plan and plan but His plans are better than our plans."

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