Watch Hawk Nelson on The Kitchen Sink

By Jenny Bennett | managing editor,
Posted: Thu, 02/14/2008 - 00:14

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What's up? I'm Jason. Hey fans, I'm Daniel.

GMC: Hey guys, thanks for being here.

You've appeared onTV a good bit and your music has had a lot of exposure nationally. Do you ever still get nervous when performing?

Jason: Oh yeah. I get nervous when my family comes and when people I know come to the shows, which is kind of rare, but when they do I feel the butterflies in the basket stirring up, if you know what I'm sayin'. We've been gone for five years and they may see us play once a year at most so I think, "We'd better be good!" And inevitably something bad always happens.

GMC: But they're the most forgiving. They're proud of you no matter what.

Daniel: Mom, you'd better read this online.
Jason: You'd better cry, Dad.

Daniel: I went through stages. I was nervous at the beginning, and then I went through a couple of years where I was in a routine and I got comfortable with that. Recently this past year though I've started getting nervous again every show! I start wondering if I'm going to mess up. Maybe it's because it's a big tour – The Revolve Tour with 10,000 girls. And then I got nervous when I got here [to The Kitchen Sink] because we were playing all new music.

What are your spring tour plans?

Jason: Right now we're on Revolve with Natalie Grant, KJ-52, Aieysha Woods and there are two dates left on that one. February 27th we hop onto our Green T Tour with Run Kid Run and it's 53 cities in three months. It's our first headlining tour so we're a little nervous. We've always been that band that played for 15 minutes, which was great fun, but now we'll have to cover a whole hour so I hope people will be into us.

Daniel: I think with three records we'll be able to do it and maybe a few cover songs. I don't know…maybe some acting? Some little plays in between? J, you could do that.
Jason: I could draw pictures.

If you were not musicians what would you be doing?

Jason: I'd probably be doing music somewhere. I can't really picture myself doing anything else. If this all ended tomorrow I'd be in big trouble.
Daniel: I don't love anything as much as this.
Jason: I love hockey but I'm terrible at it.

You're still young so obviously you have a lot to look forward to, but what has been the highlight of your career as a band so far?

Jason: When I was a kid I made a list of life goals, and one of my goals was to have dinner with Michael W. Smith. It kinda counts because we played a festival with him and that in and of itself was amazing. One night I was eating dinner and just finishing up when he walked into the room. I thought "oh my goodness, that's Michael W. Smith!" So I said, "hey do you mind if I sit down?" acting like I hadn't eaten yet and I got a whole new plate and filled it up. So I ate dinner again – that counts!

Daniel: There have been a lot of cool things happen. We went on tour with MXPX and I grew up going to their shows. I think overall it was a dream of mine to do this for real; be on the road full-time and I'm just so thankful every day because I'm scared it could end tomorrow. I'm actually living our dream right now. I think it shows that every kid has potential to really go for it and I think God can open the doors and He did for us. I'm just grateful. I've got to stay grateful every day.

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