Home Is Where His Heart Is: Anthony Evans' Many Hats

By Jenny Bennett | managing editor, www.watchgmctv.com
Posted: Thu, 03/15/2012 - 11:13

Gospel artist and worship leader Anthony Evans didn’t expect he’d be competing on a national reality show or acting in an original made-for-television stage play, but the man who got his start singing back-up for Kirk Franklin and whose sixth studio project Home released last week, has made debuts in both this year – all before Easter Sunday.

In the midst of being chosen for “Team Christina” on NBC’s “The Voice” and co-starring in the gmc World Premiere Original Gospel Play: If You Really Love Me, Anthony shares his plans for the future and how he’s staying true to his roots. Don’t miss If You Really Love Me on gmc, Saturday at 7, 9 & 11 pm et.


It was really great to see you chosen for Christina’s team. Do you expect to maintain a relationship with her?
Christina is obviously very busy with “The Voice” and making her new album. She does take the time to send me emails every so often, reminding me how much she believes in me and how hard it was for her to make that decision the night of my battle with Jesse.

Was the experience a stepping stone to other new endeavors?
Definitely. There have been so many things that have come my way since “The Voice.”  I am truly excited to see what happens next.

How did it come about for you to play a role in the gmc gospel play, If You Really Love Me? DeEtta West happened to share with me that you’d been wanting to take a stab at acting, and about a week later you got the call.
I've had a longstanding relationship with gmc, and when I received the call to play the role of David, I thought “there's no better time to start than now.” So I jumped right in with some seasoned actors. It was a great time and I learned a lot.

What was your first acting experience like? Do you think you’ll take on more roles?
I enjoyed the challenge. Working with actors that knew exactly what they were doing was just the right challenge for me. I would love to and will take on more roles.

What does the message of If You Really Love Me mean to you? Were there any spiritual moments for you while acting the part?
The message of the play that spoke to me is the one that revolves around nothing being stronger than family. My spiritual moment I could really feel was in a scene with Caryn Ward.  I was reminding her of her own self worth by singing to her “How He Loves.” 

What’s the takeaway from your new project, Home?
Overall, I want the listener to feel like they just heard honest music that was made from a place of sincerity.

How would you describe it stylistically?
Home is, once again, done and created in a style that has become a signature for me. Because the environments that I'm asked to sing in vary, I wanted to make sure that sonically the record is accessible to all my listeners. I would define it as soulful/pop/worship.

What is your favorite song on the album?
I love “Trust In Me Now.”

As a worship leader, have these experiences shaped at all how you will go back and lead worship. Will it feel/has it felt good to get back to your regular routine?
These experiences remind me that worship leading is a major part of what I do but not ALL that I do. My job as a believer is to maximize my abilities without compromising my faith. I love my "regular" routine but am thankful for opportunities I have to grow.

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