Do You Remember How the Doves Flew in 2010?

By the senior editorial team, www.watchgmctv.com

The 41st Annual Gospel Music Awards were handed out April 21, 2010 in what was a celebration-rich evening full of exciting live performances.

The nominations were announced on February 18, so the senior editorial team gave the Dove Award some serious thought, sparking intense curiosity about who last year’s winners might be.

Last year, for the second year running, gospel and Christian music fans are able to vote in two key Dove Award categories: Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year, which partially determines who takes home the awards. Don’t miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard once again. Cast your vote today!

Now we’re not prophets, nor do we possess any supernatural gift for foretelling future events. Nor do we wish to sway fan voting in any way. But we’ve spent a lot of years speculating about and reporting on the music industry. We’ve watched the videos of Doves’ years past. We’ve spent more time in the press pit backstage than required and stood in line for our two minutes with Bill Gaither, Amy Grant, Kirk Franklin, TobyMac and others year after year after year. And some of us have literally counted the number of Dove Awards that Steven Curtis Chapman (the most awarded artist in Dove history) has dragged home and wondered where he was going to store them all. And we’ve given weeks of our lives in the month of April – some of us for over a decade – to consider where the Dove would fly.

So, with 2010, we decided to toss all caution to the wind, stick our necks out and predict just where the Doves might land. Here’s what we, the senior editorial team, envisaged.

First: Senior music editor and Dove Awards enthusiast, Andy Argyrakis