Modern-Day Forrest Gump, Terry Hitchcock, Runs 75 Consecutive Marathons in 75 Days

By Rogers and Cowan
Posted: Tue, 09/20/2011 - 16:36

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 20, 2011) – Virgil Films & Entertainment in association with Indiewood Pictures and Destiny Pictures release the highly-acclaimed film My Run, a documentary narrated by Academy Award-winner Billy Bob Thornton, to DVD today, September 20, 2011.

My Run tells the amazing true story of a man, Terry Hitchcock, who lost his wife to breast cancer and chose to run from St. Paul, MN, to the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA, in 75 consecutive days to bring attention to and support for thousands of fellow single-parent families across the nation. In total, Terry Hitchcock ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 days and covered 2,000 miles of highway on foot. He was neither an avid runner nor physically-fit, yet accomplished his mega-marathon goal through support from his family, friends along the way and his faith in God.

Terry Hitchcock ran to bring attention to everyday heroes. He ran because he wanted to make America aware that almost 23 million American children come home to single-parent households and overcome extraordinary, overlooked, obstacles. At 57-years-old, Terry Hitchcock ran in spite of extreme temperatures and chest pains to utilize the chance to speak with single parents and kids, give them encouragement and find the chance to tell his story and the story of thousands more along the way.

Throngs of townspeople along Hitchcock’s trail came out to greet him, run with him and wait along the road to wish him good luck. Everyone asked him the same question: Why?

“Experiencing the rush of being alive, the joy of sharing, helping others and giving back. THIS is the marathon of life,” says Hitchcock.

My Run has made an impressive and powerful impact on the film festival circuit, winning awards and accolades, receiving national press and outstanding reviews, inspiring thousands of festival goers while selling out screenings and receiving ovations. Prominent organization partners such as Active.com (a media property of Active Network) and Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) have affiliated with My Run, and LIVESTRONG Foundation has been selected as the benefiting charity.

Capturing nationwide attention, My Run garnered awards including the “Family-Friendly Seal” with 5 Doves rating from the Dove Foundation, “Audience Award Winner” at the 2009 Austin Film Festival, “Winner of the Grand Jury Award” at the 2010 Las Vegas International Film Festival and “Outstanding Achievement in Documentary” at the 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival.

“I firmly believe human beings can accomplish anything they put their minds to,” says Hitchcock. “All they need to get started is someone to show them it’s possible.”

Director and producer Tim VandeSteeg (Indiewood Pictures) states that when he began looking for his next story, he wanted to find a film that would move and inspire people. VandeSteeg had heard of Terry Hitchcock and his amazing feat and was even more moved after meeting in person with him. In a series of blessings, VandeSteeg was able to raise the money to produce the film and secured Billy Bob Thornton as narrator. The film just came off of a successful, exclusive one-night premiere event at 500 theaters nationwide.

Audiences have been moved by Terry Hitchcock’s story, captivated by his commitment to something greater than himself. The film embodies the importance of having a belief that the average person can accomplish anything, even when deemed an impossible feat. My Run is more than a film about running; it is a film about the daily marathons everyone must face in life.

“My Run is an inspirational jog through Hitchcock’s oversized dream marked by family and faith,” claims Bob Waliszewski of Focus on the Family. “It might not make you want to run across the country, but it will encourage you to get off the couch, dream big and make a difference in the world.”

A portion of DVD sales will go to programs that provide direct service to those affected by cancer through the LIVESTRONG Foundation (http://www.livestrong.org).

For more information about the film as well as endorsements, movie trailer and the exclusive opportunity to order the My Run DVD (on sale Sept. 20), please visit www.myrunmovie.com and follow My Run on Facebook and Twitter.

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