Tsunami Kills Hundreds After 8.9 Quake in Japan

By Jenny Bennett | managing editor, www.watchgmctv.com
Posted: Fri, 03/11/2011 - 11:46

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According to news reports, a devastating tsunami has killed hundreds, resulting from an 8.9 earthquake, one of the largest on record, which hit Japan's east coast Friday.

The tsunami reached Hawaii hours later, sending warnings out through the U.S. west coast, Alaska, as well as South America and Canada.

As many as 300 were found dead in Sendai, Miyagi, the city closest to the epicenter of the quake, police said. The death toll is likely to continue rising.

From redcross.org: The Hawaii Red Cross is supporting tsunami warning and potential evacuation efforts. Follow their latest messages on Twitter.

Stay tuned to www.watchgmctv.com for news of relief efforts.

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