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Like all gmc programming, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is rated “green” and is awarded the Entertainment Seal of Approval™ by the Parents Television Council.

The fifth daughter of a wealthy Boston physician, Michaela Quinn defies the conventions of post-Civil War society by following in her father's footsteps. After his death, 'Dr. Mike' leaves Boston and moves to the frontier town of Colorado Springs, where she finds the citizens less than thrilled by the concept of a woman doctor. While she struggles to earn their trust, Mike's life is complicated by a growing relationship with mountain man Byron Sully, and the unexpected responsibility of raising three orphaned children.

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01/04/2012 - 4:00pm
Preston takes a liking to a visiting artist (Denise Crosby). She gives Brian some art lessons. When it is discovered that the woman has leprosy, the townsfolk, including Dr. Mike shrink away from her in fear.
01/04/2012 - 5:00pm
When a young brave shoots a soldier, Cloud Dancing takes the blame in order to keep warring tribes as one nation.
01/05/2012 - 4:00pm
Michaela's family arrives from Boston. Elizabeth Quinn has brought young Dr. Andrew Cook (Brandon Douglas) to deliver Michaela's baby. Attempting to stop the Army from transferring Cloud Dancing to another reservation Sully is injured.
01/05/2012 - 5:00pm
Michaela goes searching for Sully. When she finds him she goes into labor. Myra and Horace separate.
01/09/2012 - 4:00pm

Sully goes to Denver to negotiate the release of Cloud Dancing from the army.

01/09/2012 - 5:00pm
Michaela has returned to work after being home with Katie. Between work, the baby and being so tired,Michaela is spread thin. Sully feels neglected.

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In addition to a recent appearance on the Emmy nominated program Dancing with the Stars, Seymour starred in the highly rated Dear Prudence”television movie for the Hallmark Channel. In 2005, she joined Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the...

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In 2000, Joe appeared in "Higher Ground," in which he was not only the star, but also the executive co-producer. He then co-starred with Rob Estes in an original TBS movie called "Counterstrike" which premiered March 2, 2003....



gmc-editor I hope you saw my other post about how much i love Dr. Quinn I have one request though could you show the shows in order they skip around alot and sometimes the description for the show that is on is not actually the show that is playing I am not sure if that part is Dish networks fault or not than you ever so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 10 weeks 19 hours ago

I want you to know that I record this show and watch it every day I look forward to it I recod it so I can watch it witout commercials I really love this show and think it is the best on thv so please dont replace it with something else seems like every time I get into a show it gets cancelled I remember when I was young and it ended I was really upset I was so glad to see good wholesome entertainment back on tv instead of the crap they put on there thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 10 weeks 20 hours ago

It is very refreshing to see replys from the editor- Thank-you for making our opinions matter!!! I started tuning in just to watch Dr. Quinn, I noticed all the quality shows GMC had to offer. I was impressed with the line-up. I have passed this on to co-workers, family & friends. I work very long hours , it is nice to come home & watch quality TV again!!-I do agree -it would be nice to see Dr. Quinn at a hour were more people could enjoy the show-(2 hours would be nice) & run the episodes in order.Thank-you again, for bringing this classic TV series back !!!!

Posted: 14 weeks 5 days ago

i absolutely love Dr. Quinn!! please please please put it on at a later time so i may watch it when i get home from work! i am unable to watch it at all right now and am very disappointed! anytime in the evening after 6pm! its the only show i want to watch! thank-you!

Posted: 16 weeks 6 days ago

Dr. Quinn is perhaps the best show on TV. Unfortunately lots of fans are unable to watch this show, since the time slot change.
Working folks do not get home until later in the day. Please consider switching this show back to the old time slot : 8:00 E/7:00 central.
I really do not want to miss the expanded season 6 episodes!

Posted: 16 weeks 6 days ago

Less Waltons, more Dr. Quinn. Please bring back Dr. Quinn at times of the day people are home to watch. Love this show and was an avid viewer of the 7 pm Eastern time slot, now I don't watch the network at all. Thank you for the marathons...not let's have the show on more!

Posted: 18 weeks 10 hours ago

They are RIGHT. I severely dislike The Waltons and Hallmark channel is showing them at the same time. Only one episode of Dr. Quinn p/ day? And at 4.00 pm US Central?? This is crazy, most of my family is still at work at that time. We want Dr. Quinn BACK! I'm not watching GMC any more, I have sent emails, friends of mine have sent emails telling you the same, but you don't seem to read our comments and if you do, you don't seem to care. Well, no more GMC at home until you reinstate Dr. Quinn. We are fed up of The Waltons. Make a marathon of Dr. Quinn, reinstate the episodes in the order you were showing them.
ENOUGH WALTONS! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 19 weeks 4 days ago


I hope you had a chance to catch the "Sully-thon" marathon yesterday. The next marathon will be Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 5 starting at 10 AM ET with the "Quinn-"tessential episodes: past season catch-up, the season 5 cliffhanger, and the return of the lost season 6.

We thank you for emailing us and we do read them. Our viewers' opinions matter to us regardless of which shows they prefer. The Waltons get rave reviews, otherwise they wouldn't be on so much!

Hope you enjoy the Dr. Quinn marathons.

Posted: 18 weeks 1 day ago

I hope you watched today. They had a huge Dr. Quinn marathon today. It was wonderful! Also a free preview time for Dish Network subscribers.

Posted: 18 weeks 2 days ago

Agree with all the above comments. Good idea to show Dr. Q for 2 hours (at the dinner hour when people are home from work and can watch the show) in the correct sequence from start to finish. Very disappointed when you took it off the air to replace with the Waltons. Never did care for John Boy. This show is really boring. Please bring back Dr. Q and continue where you left off when they had just found Sully hiding with his injuries. Continue all the way through to the end. Why would you stop? To accommodate the Waltons? I don't watch GMC anymore.

Posted: 20 weeks 5 days ago

to the GMC Editor:

Nice to see that starting after Labor Day, you have added a second hour of Dr. Q, unfortunately, it is during the day when no one is home and people are at work. Why not have one hour of Dr. Q during primetime and one hour of the Waltons, since you say that people rave about that show (still find that hard to believe)? There is no reason why the programs need to run consecutively. Please put at least one hour of Dr. Q on at 6 or 7 pm CST, so we can watch it when we get home from work or during the dinner hour. This way all GMC fans would be happy and you won't lose any Quinn fans. Doesn't that make sense? Thank you.

Posted: 17 weeks 5 days ago

I appreciate that Dr. Quinn is part of the GMC Line-up; However, it would be wonderful to keep Dr. Quinn in the two evening timeslots that it has been and to show the episodes in sequence not skipping any and to show the last episode at the end, I have an elderly mother who can't wait to watch this show daily and is disappointed in the constant changing of this show, and to please cut back on the number of times the Waltons are shown during the day or at least share the Friday Walton Marathons with other shows besides the Waltons. We spend 75% of our viewing on GMC and recommend it to our friends and family; however, this will change with the constan change in line-ups when there was nothing wrong with them to begin with.

Posted: 21 weeks 3 days ago

Please continue with Dr. Quinn series. My mother is 93 years old and an avid fan of the series. I also watch it. I was disappointed when you started airing other shows in place of the series and started showing the episodes out of order.
Thank you!

Posted: 22 weeks 2 days ago

Please run the episodes in order and don't skip some. It does make a difference. I miss them being on more as I am not
a fan of the Walton's at all.

Posted: 27 weeks 5 days ago

I love Dr. Quinn, but I can't get this crazy thing to play it. All I get is Joe Lando repeating his intro. Help!!

Posted: 30 weeks 6 days ago
bzzyhd's picture

One of the best shows on TV by far

Posted: 40 weeks 3 hours ago

Once again, mother and I look forward to Dr. Quinn every evening. Please do not replace this show with the Waltons.

Posted: 40 weeks 5 days ago

I am very thankful that GMC brought back Dr. Quinn -In these days of reality TV and the deterioration of family vaiued programming we needed a hero!!!! In these troubled times we need all the great shows aired on this channel!! I would love to see a seris of TV movie that would reunite the cast fron Dr. Quinn-the timing is perfect-with the reruns being aired on this channel, there is a whole new generation of Dr. Quinn fans! I find myself wanting to watch TV again-and I am tellimg all my co-workes and family about this channel-Keep up the good work

Posted: 41 weeks 4 days ago