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Stars Dean Cain and Luke Schroder. An inspiring story about a loving family, a special boy with an amazing gift, and the coach who believed.

A Mile In His Shoes has received 5 DOVES from The Dove Foundation and receives the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for All Ages. To read the complete review, click here.

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cindysuenewyork's picture

This was one of the most amazing stories I have ever seen. The filming was great, but the writing was excellent. I enjoyed the story for it's humanity and for it's beauty. Autism has infiltrated all our lives, yet the people still need to be educated. I am the mother of an Asperger teenager, I can tell you how truely awesome these people are. One thing I do know, if you take Aspergers out of the "Human condition", we would probably be back in the stoneage. These "special" individuals think outside the box. The invent, and reinvent, and improve life on earth. In my opinion, Aspergers may very well be the next step in human evolution. G-d bless everyone.

Posted: 13 weeks 3 days ago