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Amy Gray, an attorney, has found herself a single mother after a recent divorce. With Amy’s young daughter Lauren in tow she moves back to Hartford, Connecticut with her very opinionated mother, a retired social worker. Amy moves back in to her mother’s home where the family issues are plentiful. Amy is selected to become a Juvenile Court Judge, with the new career and family, Amy will be more challenged than she ever dreamed. Amy’s first case involves a child abandoned by a drug addicted mother. Amy quickly finds the politics and shortcomings of the juvenile justice system a bit overwhelming.

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12/12/2011 - 2:00pm
Amy contends with a high profile attorney who attempts to bully her during a paternity case; Maxine struggles over mending fences with a neighbor; Vincent's near-death experience gives him a sense of fearlessness that gets him into trouble with Len; Peter questions his ability to raise a biracial child after he ignores a colleague's racist remarks; Maxine continues her investigation into sexual...
12/12/2011 - 3:00pm
Amy seeks to have Lauren qualified as a gifted" student; Maxine agrees to take a anger management class after going too far in insulting a coworker and accosting the boy who vandalized the Gray home; Amy dates a detective who's "out of her league"; Vincent agrees to be Donna's birthing partner; Amy presides at the sentencing hearing for a teenager who intentionally maimed a rival player during a...
12/13/2011 - 2:00pm
Amy is as shocked as Lauren is pleased to learn of Michael and Leisha's impending wedding; sensing that Maxine has reservations about their relationship, Jared suggests that they take some time away from each other in order to gain a little perspective; Vincent is attracted to a producer he meets when he's invited to read his short stories on the radio; Amy must decide if an alcoholic mother...
12/13/2011 - 3:00pm
When Donna's birthing center burns down the night before she goes into labor, the Grays offer the use of their house for her baby's water birth; the family becomes concerned at Maxine's curiously dispassionate response to the news of Socrates's death; Amy is upset when Vincent decides to spend Christmas alone with Carole rather than with the family; as she begins to suffer from burnout on the job...
12/14/2011 - 2:00pm
Amy gets to know Rob, Lauren's very attractive sensei, better when he brings Lauren home from class after Amy has forgotten to pick her up; Maxine finds some powerful allies in her quest to open a facility devoted to helping victims of child abuse; Amy enlists other judges to volunteer their free time to finalize long-delayed adoptions; Donna becomes depressed when Oscar reveals that he is guilty...
12/14/2011 - 3:00pm
Evie walks back into Ned's life just as Peter and Gillian are set to adopt him; Maxine deals with a young girl who wants to be adopted before her 18th birthday, and a 12-year-old boy who refuses to be adopted because he believes his birth mother will come back one day.



There is nothing "uplifting" about the hatchet job that has been done on Judging Amy... Count me among the many many many previous posters ~ I think I'll just buy the DVD collecction minus the bleeping and out of order episodes... sheesh!

PS and btw, I find it curious that CBS (a pretty fine 'family' network) had no problem airing the episodes in their entirety same goes for TNT second time around... guess we have a new form of 'big brother' on steroids looking out for our delicate ears now.

Sad state of affairs ~

Posted: 4 weeks 1 day ago

I am so thrilled this show is back on the air, I would love to see the shows in chronological order. Bleep out the bad words but if I remember the series correctly, I don't recall any show that needed to be deleted completely. But, I will take them any way I can get them.

Posted: 6 weeks 1 day ago
jerimichel's picture

You are driving your viewers crazy by skipping episodes..PLEASE SHOW ALL OF THE EPISODES IN THE APPROPRIATE ORDER. This is such a wonderful show!

Posted: 6 weeks 3 days ago

I am soooo AGGRAVATED WITH GMC!! I have posted comments on Facebook, others have commented here and it seems as though you don't care enough about your viewers to even respond!

My first problem is taking Judging Amy away on Fridays line up. The Walton's are showed daily multiple times between GMC and HALLMARK.

Second is that you didn't run it on Tuesday evening and it isn't showing up on my DVR for this Tuesday evening either which leads me to believe that you have taken it off for good on Tuesday evening which is asinine because as you can see your viewers are unhappy already with what you are doing to the show. PLEASE RETURN TUESDAY EVENING JUDGING AMY!

I understand that you want to make this family friendly but I think you can do that without skipping multiple episodes! If their is content as far as language the please just bleep It or silence it as you already do. Or if their is a scene, just remove it. It makes no since to remove the entire show.

Please listen to your viewers and 1. Respond 2. Give us what we want.

Their are many people that pay an additional fee to have your channel and without those fees your channel wouldn't last. Please don't act like a big network and not listen to your viewers.

I love thIs channel and Judging Amy so please please listen to your viewers.



Posted: 6 weeks 5 days ago

I really appreciate Judging Amy being back on TV

But I don't get why you are bothering

You're a family friendly network and Judging Amy is not a completely family friendly show.

As many episodes as you have skipped, You have ruined the show

I can handle the censoring but you are just leaving your viewers confused with all the episodes you skipped. please do something to fix this

Posted: 7 weeks 1 day ago

I have taken the time to write a comment to GMC TV because I am upset that you are NOT airing all the episodes of Judging Amy. I was an avid viewer when it was originally aired as a TV series and then when it was re-run on TNT. I was so excited when I saw that your channel was going to air the series. But can you only imagine my disappointment to realize you are leaving out HUGE CHUNKS of the story line. Anyone who has not watched this show before would have no way to follow the story of the Gray family. PLEASE air the whole series in the proper order.

I agree with 'justargrlnnc' who wrote a similar comment. Either do it right or take it off the air!

By the way how would a person turn off this advertisement video clip that keeps rerunning as I am writing this review. It is very annoying to say the least!

Posted: 8 weeks 6 hours ago

The difference between yesterday and today is unbelievable. Yesterday had Amy's mother thinking she had Alzheimers. Today Vincent is in the hospital after being almost blown up and Donna is VERY pregnant. HUH? Either show the episodes in order or take the show off the air.

Posted: 9 weeks 3 days ago

I just wanted to drop in and add another plea for you guys to PLEASE air the entire series. I am re-watching it with my daughter...her for the first time...and HUGE chunks of the story are missing. I appreciate the language being cleaned up, but I am wondering what is so terrible in the episodes that are being omitted.
I am going to give the restart of the series a chance, but if several episodes are missing I will give up on this program and this channel. It is very frustrating. I see a lot of comments on this topic here and not one response from your channel. How do we know you are even reading these?
Also, your "Captcha" is the most difficult one I have ever come across. Just thought you should know.

Posted: 11 weeks 1 day ago

Hi! Ok, GMC people - I just spent 47 minutes finding this site, finding the Judging Amy comments thread, registering, logging in (I'm on dial-up, hey, we're not very hi-tech around here, but we're dedicated when it's important enough) to tell you: PLEASE RUN ALL THE EPISODES! And if you must block "certain words" I can live with that, but I think you're deleting scenes, or at least parts of scenes - I remember hearing most of the words to "Good at Being Gone" in Episode 1 and only know about the song from this episode (it isn't available anywhere) and you've managed to omit it...

Please! Some of us, even those of us on dial -up (seriously, I started this project at 3pm when I discovered you'd skipped the ENTIRE LAST EPISODE which is one of the best in the series, and now it's, well, now it's 3:50) enjoy this program, and would like to see it - not to see every other or every third episode!


And I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one complaining about this. So listen to us!

Posted: 11 weeks 2 days ago

It is very obvious that the network does not read or care about our comments. All we are are numbers to them. And the following is so good that they don't need or care about a few disgruntled viewers.

Posted: 9 weeks 3 days ago

Judging Amy is my favorite TV series of all time. I was so happy to see that is being aired on gmc, until I found out that they are cramming 6 years into about 3 months. I am so disappointed that there are so many skipped episodes. And what is left, is out of order. Can you please start with the Pilot episode and run them ALL in chronological order?

Also, does anyone know where all 6 Seasons can be purchased on DVD?

Posted: 11 weeks 4 days ago

You can remove bad language and content without removing entire episodes! Please play them all and in order...it's necessary to the story! Judging Amy is a great show that many of us are THRILLED to have back on TV. Please don't do it an injustice by skipping weeks of episodes at a time. My family dearly loves your channel, but some of this editing is going too far. :-/

Please fix it...soon!

Posted: 12 weeks 2 days ago

Like most of the people here, my family and I are big fans of this show. When we heard that GMC was going to air the series we were very excited. That is until we realized that there would be huge gaps in the series episodes. This series is in a continuation format. So when I saw an episode on Monday that has a theme to it, the next days episodes fast forwarded almost a year ahead. What is up with that? If this continues we will turn to other channels who are more viewer friendly.

Posted: 12 weeks 3 days ago

So, how many comments have you now logged regarding the airing of Judging Amy episodes in any order YOU deem proper?
And, DO you plan to do anything about it?
Guess not.

Posted: 12 weeks 4 days ago

I love Judging Amy. It is a really good show. The only thing I don't like is that GMC skips episodes. You see something happen then you have no idea what's going on on the next episode. I have looked up episode lists on this show and sometimes there are two or three episodes skipped at a time. I don't mind the censoring of language but I really would like to see every episode because there are key points that are missed.

Posted: 13 weeks 1 day ago

Please, please, PLEASE put on more Judging Amy. Enough with The Waltons and Dr. Quinn. I wait all day for 1 pm to watch my favorite program, Judging Amy, only to be disappointed today with your showing Dr. Quinn all day! In addition, you've taken Judging Amy off the Friday lineup altogether.

Trust me when I tell you that Judging Amy is BY FAR the better program of the ones mentioned above. If you are unwilling to air additional episodes, at least put the series up for sale. I've been scouring the internet looking to purchase it, so that I do not have to depend on your erratic scheduling of this wonderful program.

Posted: 13 weeks 4 days ago

Thanks so much for bringing back one of my favorite TV shows! Please air them in chronological order. The show bounces around from season to season making it VERY frustrating to watch. Also, I don't mind the bleeping out of profanity, but please stop cutting scenes.

Posted: 14 weeks 2 days ago

Love the show. HATE THE SKIPPING OF EPISODES!!! I have a question... Who sing the song that is played in the background of the Judging Amy preview. The lyrics are "....I'm coming back home." It sounds like a christian/gospel song. Please help me with this....its driving me INSANE. Thank you!!!!!

Posted: 14 weeks 4 days ago

I have enjoyed getting to watch JA again after so long. Thank you! Initially, as I saw words being muted out I thought it would be okay to watch with my 8 year daughter, however some content is still not appropriate for her so I don't watch it when she is around. (when she is at school or after she goes to bed.)

With that said, I still love it! Censoring some of the language doesn't take away from the story line so it doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that the story constantly jumps all over the place, something traumatic ends one episode and I never know what happened, or as another member mentioned, an episode starts with someone in the hospital and you don't know how they got there!

If what I have been reading is correct, and episodes are being omitted due to content, then I just ask two things. First, I am 39, I know what I can handle watching, or what I want my children to watch - please allow me the opportunity to make this decision myself by showing all the episodes in order. Secondly, episodes are shown at 2&3pm everyday and 9&10pm on Tuesday; if you are concerned with viewer discretion, then only show the [entire] series in the evening, when most children are in bed.

Again, thank you for airing the show. I am enjoying it now more than I did the first time, but I am beginning to feel the frustration of not being able to make sense from episode to episode.

Posted: 15 weeks 15 hours ago

First i want to say Thank You for showing Judging Amy..it has too long been off the air as it is a wonderful and quite outstanding series and perfect for all ages. Now for my review of how you show it...Is there really a need to bleep out words in the shows? i mean words like Hell . Damn, and Ass are in the Bible and all kids know them as well as more..it seems so dumb to bleep them out..no one is that squeaky clean..don't believe them if they claim to be! Also the way the episodes are shown all out of order is really annoying..get an employee that can put them in order to broadcast them properly..is that too much to ask?
I do not mean to complain as i am just very happy to see this show back on, as it has so much quality to offer viewers of any age, and the decision to include it has gained you a new viewer in myself.

Posted: 15 weeks 23 hours ago

I loved the series when it was on the air, and I was very excited to see the episodes air again on GMC. Unfortunately I've had to stop watching due to the skipping of episodes. I appreciate that you censor out the bad language, and I understand why you do so, but if the show has enough inappropriate episodes that they need to be skipped entirely, perhaps you should consider pulling the entire series from your channel. That would be the only sensible thing to do, in my opinion. I appreciate everything you do, and we enjoy your uplifting music.

Posted: 15 weeks 1 day ago

I agree about the missing episodes. I am happy that Judging Amy is back on TV as it's not available on DVD or online—yet. Judging Amy fans, if you have Netflix Watch Instantly, please call them and request Judging Amy for their catalogue. Netflix's phone number is listed in their contact section and they DO care what you think. It helps to have many people request the show. If you want to see the missing episodes, that's one way. Netflix Watch Instantly.

Also, gmc—thanks for trying. Skipping entire episodes to censor content, though? Is that really the only way?

Posted: 15 weeks 1 day ago

I am happy to see that I am not the only one dissappointed in the scheduling. I was really happy to see the show being aired. Unfortunately, very important episodes are missing. It really does blow the flow. Some favorite shows have been missed. Too bad. You can start over, we won't mind. Just air all of them.

Posted: 15 weeks 1 day ago

I thought I was the only one who had noticed about the skipping of shows. The bleeping out of naughty words does not bother me at all, in fact I kind of like it . What does bother me is the shipping of shows and showing them out of order.
The reason I started watching this channel is because of Judging Amy, I remember how good it was when it was on the air the first time .
Please take into consideration your viewers and what they want. From what I am seeing here, we want the missing episodes please.

Posted: 15 weeks 2 days ago

I agree with everyone who commented on the skipping of episodes of this wonderfully "charged" drama!!!
Please get your act together and set these episodes in order and show each one one at a time!!!! THANKS!
I won't be interested later...DO it NOW!!!

Posted: 16 weeks 13 hours ago

Great show! Thanks for getting back on TV. Uplifting entertainment.

Posted: 17 weeks 7 hours ago

I just started watching this show and I am a little disappointed in the missing episodes. I thought I was crazy when things seemed to be missing, but then I looked up an episode guide for the show, and saw GMC was skipping episodes. I don't mind the removal of words, but to skip episodes just frustrates the viewer. This show is a serial and it depends on the continuity of the show...not like other shows like Matlock, Dr. Quinn, Waltons, were if an episode is skipped it is no big deal. It seems to me that there are about 50% of the episodes that are missing and so maybe Judging Amy is not right for your channel. If you are going to only air half of the episodes, then don't bother airing the show...Find another show. Quantum Leap is a nice show you may want to acquire.

Posted: 17 weeks 1 day ago
ellensusan's picture

Dear GMC, I am very disappointed that you have chosen to place the Judging Amy episodes on your channel in such a disarrayed order. I was looking forward to watching this show every week with you as I use to watch it years ago on the secular channels but I hated the bad language and I knew you would bleep out all of that and i would get to enjoy the show without all of the cursing and such this time.
But, now i cannot even watch the episodes in chronological order.
Please reconsider the way that you are playing these shows and start from the beginning again. Especially from the end of the back to back marathon as they seem to have been in order. Give us an on air announcement so we the public know when it begins.
We sure would appreciate it.
I was very upset to find Vincent in the hospital on July 27 but not to have been able to have watched the preceding episodes as to how he got there.
Thank you for your time.
God's blessings on your team at GMC.

Posted: 19 weeks 1 day ago

I understand the frustration because the episodes aren't in order and some are missing. I was wondering when I saw that GMC was going to air this show how they would handle the language and the subject matter in some of the episodes. Several years ago, Hallmark started airing it and stopped abruptly because they got so many complaints. I appreciate a channel that will only air sanitized shows because there is so much garbage on most of the channels. If you don't like the way they are airing them, there are plenty of other channels to turn to. Thanks GMC! Keep up the good work!

Posted: 19 weeks 3 days ago

where are the bootleg sites?

Posted: 20 weeks 1 day ago

I agree with Ben. We need a DVD to watch Amy and her family over and over.. It gets us over ourselves and entertains also. Please inform us how to get a copy of each episode to have Amy at our command.


Posted: 20 weeks 1 day ago

I LOVE Judging Amy, and I was very excited when I saw the ads for the marathon today, thinking that the episodes would be shown in chronological order, so that I could tape-record them for repeated viewing whenever desired (since the likelihood of JA being released on DVD is very slim)

However, I am very disappointed to realize that even though GMC was airing the marathon, it is not only NOT in chronological order, but even worse, several episodes have been OMITTED entirely, with the airings jumping between episodes and even seasons, leaving out numerous episodes in between!!

Its bad enough that you bleep out every curse word or even slightly objectionable word. But how is anyone supposed to compile a collection, or even just be able to follow the plot of the series with all the episodes out of order and missing episodes???


Guess I will just have to buy the complete JA DVD collection from one of the bootleg sites, since at least those will be in chronological order, and since it would have been taped from CBS or TNT, won't have objectionable episodes or words omitted or blocked out!!!

Posted: 20 weeks 5 days ago