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Congratulations, Harborlites Chorus!

Congratulations to the Harborlites Chorus of Anaheim, Calif., winner of the $10,000 prize! The Harborlites Chorus is a dynamic and highly energetic group of over 120 women whose performance style has captivated audiences all over the world. Ranging in age from 18 to 80, each performer's goal is to create a moving musical experience for the audience that touches their hearts, and offers them a deeper appreciation for the American art form that is a cappella barbershop harmony.

If Your Group or Choir Can Sing, You Could Win $10,000!

If you have a singing group or you know someone who does, here's how you can take a shot at winning $10,000.

Just mail us your name, contact number, and a video copy of your best performance to: “America Sings,” P.O. Box 2904, Toluca Lake, California 91602, call us at: (818) 954-0473, or enter your YouTube link.

We accept any group or choir from America or Canada singing from a wide variety of musical genres, including gospel, doo wop, choral, barbershop, a cappella, show tunes, etc. Contenders range from church choirs to flash mobs, street corner duets to music videos. No travel needed all we need is your best video. Join the fun and enjoy a chance to be seen on national television... plus, you could win $10,000!

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I too hope that it is going to be fantastic all the way.

Posted: 18 weeks 16 hours ago

How do you vote? Is voting over?

Posted: 21 weeks 5 days ago

Marlboro Middle School group is the BEST !!!

Posted: 22 weeks 2 days ago

I. Love. The. Brown. Derbies. I'm demanding that my children go to Brown, and marry Derbies. They NEED to win.

Posted: 23 weeks 2 days ago

Pleasant Hill Missouri Hillside Singers are an amazing group of students!! They work so hard and are consistently excellent performers! We are so thrilled to have them performing on the show. Vote for them it is a great way to support the ARTS in public education!

Posted: 23 weeks 3 days ago

The S.E.P. Quartet was thrilled to have been featured on tonight's episode. The introduction stated that we are from Denver, Colorado. Actually, the quartet is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and Toronto, Ontario Canada! We've performed in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, England, China, Canada and almost every state in the United States.

The quartet members are proud members of the Barbershop Harmony Society and for the past five years have donated their show fees to Youth In Harmony Music Education Projects throughout the United States and Canada. If we are so fortunate as to garner your votes and win the $10,000.00, the entire amount will be donated to Youth In Harmony Projects.

Thanks to America Sings for allowing us the opportunity to appear on the show. Thanks also the Barbershop Harmony Society for submitting our tape and supporting what we do.

Enjoying all the groups ... thanks again.

Bobby Gray Jr.
S.E.P. Quartet
Colorado Springs and Toronto, Canada

Posted: 25 weeks 3 days ago


Posted: 27 weeks 6 days ago

I thought the two barbershop groups (Storm Front and OC Times) were fantastic!

Posted: 28 weeks 2 days ago

Boy I Tell you the Anointing is always in the Service at Christian Life Center. There was a concert that my mother got to attend just before she passed away there in Stockton and mom was so sick and Pastor Haney laid hands on here we went to the hospital stay a day or two and was healed. What a great choir.

Posted: 28 weeks 2 days ago

Does anyone remember the name of the group composed of female prison inmates? I can't find it to vote for them?

Posted: 28 weeks 3 days ago

Way to go The Jackson Family. May God Bless Each and Everyone

Posted: 28 weeks 3 days ago
mission's picture

Hope this show is good. In San Francisco Bay Area this is on Channel 482. We have it DVR'ed

Posted: 28 weeks 3 days ago
SPrice809's picture

I'm so upset that this new show (and your network in total, obviously) is not available on DiSH. Is there going to be a way to watch episodes online? I did the online letter to Dish, and will follow up with a phone call, but I know what its like trying to fight "city hall", or in this case, the 500-pound gorilla. Are there any negotiations taking place that would bring GMC to DiSH? I would really love to see this new show!

Posted: 29 weeks 2 days ago

I agree! I can't believe that DISH Network is not carrying GMC yet. I am only able to watch GMC when visiting a family member who has DirecTV.

I called DISH today at (800) 454-0843 and spoke to a cordial customer rep who placed the Channel Request for me.

This is a big deal. If DISH begins to realize that they are seriously going to start losing customers over this channel oversight, surely they will add GMC.

Please continue calling DISH and kindly requesting that they add GMC.

Thanks and blessings to GMC for the great programming,
An appreciative viewer

Posted: 26 weeks 4 days ago

Why not just take the easier solution and switch to DirecTV? Not a salesman or spokesperson... but I was a previous DISH customer for years. My bills kept getting higher and higher.....and despite numerous attempts to have them address it, the ONLY discounts I could obtain were those available to NEW customers. So, I switched to DirecTV. I got an HD - DVR receiver. I could not be happier with a decision.

Posted: 25 weeks 1 day ago