If Your Group or Choir Can Sing, You Could Win $10,000!


"America Sings" Video Singing Competition

Just mail us your name, contact number, and a video copy of your best performance to: “America Sings,” P.O. Box 2904, Toluca Lake, California 91602, call us at: (818) 954-0473, or enter your YouTube link below.

We accept any group or choir from America or Canada singing from a wide variety of musical genres, including gospel, doo wop, choral, barbershop, a cappella, show tunes, etc. Contenders range from church choirs to flash mobs, street corner duets to music videos. No travel needed all we need is your best video. Join the fun and enjoy a chance to be seen on national television... plus, you could win $10,000!

*Official Contest Rules*