The 5th Quarter

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Actors: Andie McDowell, Aidan Quinn
Release Date: 2011

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The Contender: The 5th Quarter
Release Date: April 8
The One-Two Punch: This family-friendly sports movie starring Andie McDowell and Aidan Quinn, coming to gmc in September, is a natural born crowd-pleaser.
The Premise: With a tugging-at-the-heartstrings storyline, The 5th Quarter is the story of the unexpected death of a 16-year-old athlete that ends up being a godsend for five other people who end up being the recipients of the organs that Luke’s family donates.
The Verdict: The 5th Quarter does a great job of drawing you in and its intriguing plotlines make this family-friendly movie a gripping and emotionally charged flick.

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