Apocalypse, The

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Actors: Sam Bornstein, Richard Nester, Leigh Lewis, apocalypse
Release Date: 1997

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Army after army descends into the Valley of Armageddon in central Israel. Millions of people suddenly vanish. It's the media event of the century and the entire world is glued to their television sets. At that very moment, a great charismatic leader arises and performs a miracle of astounding dimensions. Is he the long-awaited Messiah? The whole world is convinced that he is.

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i am not perfect i tired my best at what i doing, the only thing i have to is please the lord, how can i tell people about the lord is i'm not practing the word and live my life according to the lord's. my favorite verses= jermiah 29:11,proverb 3:5,proverb 13:8. my gift as a mother is speacil to me as well as being a christian, my 3 month old is a speacil gift from the lord jesus christ, and i doing the best i can in to trying to balnce everything. thanx you jesus.

Posted: 36 weeks 2 days ago