Christmas with a Capital C: gmc World Premiere Original

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Actors: Daniel Baldwin
Release Date: 2010

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Monday, Dec. 20 – 9 PM ET
Tuesday, Dec. 21 – 9 PM ET
Wednesday, Dec. 22– 9 PM ET
Thursday, Dec. 23 – 9 PM ET

In Trapper Falls, Alaska, Christmas is the biggest celebration of the year, but that’s all about to change. When Mitch Bright returns to town and files a formal complaint about a religious display, Dan must defend the reason for the season.

Starring Ted McGinley, Nancy Stafford, Daniel Baldwin, Brad Stine

Additional air dates:

Monday, December 20 at 9 pm et
Tuesday, December 21 at 9 pm et
Wednesday, December 22 at 9 pm et
Thursday, December 23 at 9 pm et

Christmas with a Capital C Earns Parents Television Council Seal of Approvalâ„¢
Ted McGinley stops by KPRI-FM San Diego Listen to the interview (Produced by Andrew Poage)

Please note the DVD for Christmas with a Capital C will not be available for purchase until October 2011.

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