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A Culture of Kindness
By Morgan MacGavin
Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tenn. believes serving others happens daily, outside the walls of the church. In fact, serving is one of the most talked about visions of Cross Point. According to Lead Pastor Pete Wilson, “Missions was never intended to be a program in the church; it’s the whole reason for the church.” Read more

Changing the World, One Kindness at a Time
By Lindsay Williams
I’m only one person. How can I make a difference? At one time or another, we’ve all asked this question. It’s human nature to want to leave our mark on the world. The truth is you don’t have to be old, wise or famous to make a difference. In fact, you can start right where you are, today – no matter your age or status in life. Read more

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How to “Uplift Someone”

Let someone’s boss know they are doing a good job
Send a care package to a soldier over seas
Pay for someone’s parking meter
Bring in something you baked from scratch for the office
Donate books you’ve read
If you see something in your neighborhood that’s in need of repair, get a few neighbors together and fix it
Take your kids to a nursing home and help brighten someone’s day
Offer someone doing work at your house an ice cold drink
Pay for the coffee for the person behind
Tell someone they look nice, sincerely
Send flowers to your spouse... just because
Throw a car wash for your neighborhood at no charge
Stop for the lemonade stand... you don’t have to drink it
Drop off toys or games at a shelter
Introduce yourself to somebody new in the neighborhood
Take the kids on a spontaneous picnic
Volunteer your time at a children’s hospital
Give blood
Invite an old friend over for dinner
Send your kid’s teacher a thank-you note
Offer to baby sit or pet sit someone who you can tell needs the help
Pay someone a compliment
Hold the door for a stranger
Let someone go first
Call your mother
Say hi to a neighbor
Help someone get a cab
Let someone know you’re thinking about them
Babysit a friend’s child so they can have a night off
Take a grandparent shopping
Thank a fireman/policeman/someone in the military for their service