Michael W. Smith "Save Me From Myself"

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These days, it's obvious Michael W. Smith is enjoying a really sweet season. Professionally, he's about to deliver his 22nd album, Wonder, due out Sept. 28. Two days later, he’ll embark on the "Make a Difference Tour" with Third Day, Max Lucado, Jason Gray and TobyMac. Smith and his wife celebrated their 29th anniversary this month; their five children live nearby and are doing well. Though it’s hard to believe judging by his boyish good looks, Smith has three grandchildren and two more on
the way.


Over the course of the last decade, Michael W. Smith has shaped modern worship with albums such as Worship, Worship Again and A New Hallelujah. On Wonder, he returns to his pop music roots. “It felt like what I needed to do,” he tells gmclife.com. “Every once in a while you have to reinvent yourself. I just try to stay true to myself and I think I’ve done that. I really believe this is a real reflection of who I am.”

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