Rend Collective Experiment, "Movements"

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In a culture where people typically have more friends on Facebook than meaningful connections in their living, breathing everyday existence, the yearning for authenticity, particularly on the complex journey of faith, has probably never been greater.
And that inherent desire for something spiritually substantive in our increasingly artificial world is exactly what brought a movement of friends together known as Rend Collective Experiment. United by a common purpose, these twentysomethings hailing from Northern Ireland began exploring the intersection between God, life and community.
Rather than sharing what they learned along the way in lofty sermons and heady theological books, however, the group found its unique voice through the universal beauty of musical collaboration. And that unfussy, unforced approach to making art that resonates with the masses is what inevitably shines bright on the band’s highly anticipated Stateside debut, Organic Family Hymnal.

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